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2Accounts – Dual Space & Dual Apps v3.7.7 (Unlocked) APK

Do you have two accounts for Whatsapp and are you tired of switching accounts throughout the day?
Are you struggling to manage two phones at the same time to keep track of both your work and personal social accounts?
Do you play multiple accounts of the same game and want to be able to log into all accounts at the same time?

2Accounts is the perfect solution to your problem! Users can use 2Accounts to sign in to two accounts of the same app on one device. 2Accounts allows two accounts to run in a parallel environment. This ensures that app data is stored independently and that you won’t miss any notifications from each app.

Highlight the features of 2Accounts:

– Clone popular social media apps (Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.) and games apps (Clash of Clans, Lords Mobile, FreeFire, LOL, etc.)
Quickly switch between two accounts on one phone

– Easy to manage work and personal life
– All data is stored separately and does not interfere with each other

VIP features are available for subscribers:

-Secret Zone and Security Lock: Enhanced privacy with a security lock to protect all your apps. This feature is very useful if you are using a shared work phone.
– Multiple Accounts: Enjoy cloning multiple apps without limits!

Follow our Facebook page for tips on using 2Accounts: facebook.com/2accountsapp


· Permissions: 2Accounts has requested numerous system permissions to ensure that applications cloned in 2Accounts will function normally. For example, if 2Accounts is not allowed to acquire camera authorization, you will not be able to use camera functions. 2Accounts does not collect any personal information and is designed to protect privacy.

· Malicious Virus Warning : We have found that some anti-virus software may display a virus warning. This is because 2Accounts applies to system permissions. If you encounter this situation, please contact our customer support team and leave the name of the anti-virus application. 2Accounts is a completely safe application and we will endeavor to appeal the disclaimer.

· Notifications: Please add 2 accounts to the whitelist to ensure you receive notifications from some cloned apps.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please click the Comments tab in 2Accounts or email our customer service at zhuomengkeji@gmail.com. We are more than happy to help!


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