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Adaptive Icon Pack v1.7.6 (Patched) APK

Adaptive Icon Pack is an icon pack that allows Launcher to display adaptive icons on all devices running Android Oreo or later. Adaptive Icon Packs are intentionally designed not to have a style or theme, but rather to offer adaptive icon variations of your most popular apps that resemble those of the original app developer.


CandyBar Dashboard
Adaptive icons for over 4000 of the most popular apps
High resolution icons 432x432px
Dynamic calendar
Dynamic clock
Request Tool
Regular updates

How to use:

Go to the launcher settings. Choose Adaptive Icon Pack. Change shape as you like.

It works with:

Nova Launcher
Garden chair launcher v2
Pixel Launcher Without Root
Shadow launcher
Lean Launcher
Hyperion Launcher
Posidon Launcher
Smart launcher 5
Poco Launcher *
Niagara Launcher *

* Marked launcher requires Android Q to change icon shape in system settings


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