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Adblocker – Block Ads for all web browsers v1.0.5 (Pro) (Extra) APK

Adblocker gives you full protection as it not only filters annoying ads effectively, but also protects you from tracking and censorship attempts.

Get rid of intrusive ads, pop-ups and online tracking with Adblocker. The app makes internet browsing faster and safer because the built-in ad filters block advertising in web browsers.

You can also comfortably protect yourself against phishing, malware, ransomware, and malicious domains. The app works for both WiFi and mobile data connections. No external plug-ins or root privileges (no root) are required.

Smart ad filter lists

With smart filter lists, Adblocker Android blocks annoying ads while you are surfing the web.

You can choose from different filter lists to specifically block domains as you wish, like conventional content filters. These include:
Covid-19 Phishing, Fraud, Torrent, Phishing, Suspicious Websites, Malware, Spyware, Scams, Social Networks Blocker, Cryptojacking & Coins, Fake Shops, Subscription Traps, Gambling, Hate Drugs & Abuse, Privacy, and more.

The smart filter lists are updated several times a day and ensure the best filtering quality.

Additional protection and speed with the integrated DNS server
To increase your security while surfing, Adblocker Android supports external DNS servers. With the push of a button, the app finds and connects to the fastest DNS server to speed up your network connections.
You can even access websites that are regionally blocked by your ISP or unblock restricted web content.

Your privacy is protected

Not only are ads, pop-ups, trackers, spyware, and malware blocked with Android Adblocker, protecting your data is also a top priority:

Because Adblocker blocks websites from tracking your online activities, you can surf the internet almost anonymously because advertisers cannot track your behavior.
The app also protects you from analytics (telemetry) systems that try to steal your data. Adblocker disables known malicious domains and makes it easier to protect against malware.

It saves data consumption and battery

Adblocker reduces website load times and improves performance. This saves on data and battery consumption, as fewer ads need to be loaded.

Features of FREE Edition:

– Free adblocker and ad filters
– Block advertisements, commercials, promotional videos, pop-ups, etc.
– Compatible with all web browsers (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Samsung, etc.)
– Protects against online trackers,
– Blocks advertising cookies (advertising cookies)
– DNS based interception (VPN mode) for all web browsers.
– Free filter lists: tracking and telemetry + announcements
– integrated DNS server
– NO root permission required

additional features PRO Edition:

+ Blocks websites that distribute malicious content, viruses and fraudulent content
+ Extensive smart filter lists such as Covid-19 Phishing, Fraud, Torrent, Phishing, Scams, Social Networks blocker, Cryptojacking & Coins, Fake shops, Subscription Traps, TikTok Blocker, Cryptojacking, Coins, Games of chance, Hate Drugs & Abuse , Privacy
+ Protects and blocks malware and spyware
+ Blocks phishing websites
+ Extended logging
+ Whois function with card
+ use a custom DNS server
+ Smart DNS speed test functions

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