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Al QURAN – القرأن الكريم v4.2.7 (Mod) APK

◉ Ad-Free Unlocked

Al Quran Free – القرآن الكريم is real Islamic application to create flow in your worship time. All Muslim Quran Shareef is a free Holy Quran reading pro to start a good day, sin atonement and attainment of blessing. The strong connection with the Quran Kareem is the way of the path, which leads to the donations and mercy of Allah. Recite Quran Sharif with true feeling, just like a real Quran in your hand.

Al-Qur’an Majeed Free – القرآن الكريم reading application is a free 16 line recitation app where error free Quran Pak is compiled from documents to android screen. Al Quran Karim offline is a non-stop recitation app with the compatibility of using android. Quran Sharif free app for every Muslim. Read the Quran for free anywhere and anytime.

Al-Quran app is a solution of the problem of carrying the complete Quran when you turn on your phone, the sixteen line digital Islamic holy book will be shown in the crowd of apps. Keep your AL Quran app before home screen to get closer to the beginning when you really want to recite Quran Majeed. Holy Quran free android app allows you to read and listen audio recitation.

Alqur’an reading is accessible with screen touch and offline 16 line Al-Quran Kareem is easy in terms of page turning. Going to the next page and reading the next 16 lines is simple by swiping the touch screen.

AlQuran 30 juz app includes 16 lines which seems to be enough content to read with great style. The Quranic words and verses are lined up in 16 lines on each page and this is attractive and pertains to the standardized readable font style and size. The complete Quran app is free for everyone.
Do not leave the most readable suras requested from time to time. Bookmark them for instant access. Tilawate Qur’an Majeed is most convenient and direct Surah reach when you bookmark there for direct opening.

AlQuran app 16 line readers can have a list of bookmarks separately which will be kept safe after you bookmark each pro Islamic Holy Quran recitation. Visit the bookmark file to explore the history of bookmarked particular surahs, ayats and pages.
Abrupt stop can make you forget previous recitation page so before leaving use Holy Qoran offline 16 line bookmarks option for continuity of Koran Pak tilawate from exact point.

The brightness of the screen is compatible with the hours of recitation of the Holy Quran. While reciting the Holy Quran and offline reading, the screen light will not dim or turn off even for a second. Al Quran Free – القرآن الكريم application is adaptable for dark and night environment due to its ceaseless illuminating power feature. Download the beautiful Quran Sharif app for free recitation.
Tilawate Qur’an karim is further adorned with offline serving capabilities. No charge and no internet connection is essential to improve your Quran recitation.

Features of Daily using the Holy Quran

📓 Non stop Quran pak recitation
📓 Offline reading of alQuran book
📓 Complete the 16-line page of the Quran
📓 Adding bookmarks
📓 List of all saved bookmarks.

How to read

Install alQuran pro app and start reading
It does not involve effort slots
You can share with your friends too
Place the bookmark where you need it
Read the list to join the acting part
Choose go to page for a perfect approach.

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