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Alfacast x screen mirror v5.1 (Paid) APK

Experience exceptional 4K Ultra HD video quality in an expanded version of alfacast. Share and split your live video screen feed to multiple devices simultaneously. The app allows you to stream and watch any content from the desktop.

Stay safe with alfacast while watching the live broadcast, the app supports end-to-end encryption technology. Autodiscover technology will let you enjoy the app. Forget about connections, installation and the long process of setting up video streaming servers, for alfacast it just isn’t necessary. Stream your content from video camera apps, photo album apps, stream videos from player apps, view presentations, slides, photos or images anywhere and no matter when!

To stream video from apps, you need to open a third-party app. Alfacast will capture your screen with all the content displayed. You need to display the content of a third-party app on the screen of the streaming device.

For example, if you want to stream video from a camera, follow these steps on the streaming device:

• Run the alfacast app and follow the instructions to use the app as a streamer
• Open the Camera application and display it on the device screen. The alfacast app does not use or access your camera

After that, please follow these steps on your viewing device:

• Run the alfacast app and follow the instructions to use the app as a viewer
• Select your streamer with a camera from the alfacast app user list and watch the screen broadcast from the camera

alfacast x features:

• Remote desktop audio / video streaming solution
• Remote desktop audio / video viewer or playback solution
•Serverless multichannel peer-to-many streaming technology
• Serverless single channel peer-to-peer streaming technology
• Capture audio from microphone or external USB sound card
•Low latency playback

• Streamer and video viewer up to Ultra HD 4K quality and 60 FPS
• Universal client-server application of the IPTV type
•Automatic discovery of users on the local network
• More secure connection with end-to-end AES-256 encryption technology
• Supported platforms: Android / Android TV / Fire OS / iOS / macOS / tvOS / Linux / Windows
•Supported device types: Mobile / Tablet / iPhone / iPad / Desktop computer / Laptop / Xbox / Set-top box / Raspberry Pi
• Supported device brands: Apple / Amazon / ASUS / Google / Huawei / LG / Meizu / Microsoft / Motorola / Nokia / Nvidia / Philips / Samsung / Xiaomi / Sony / Others


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