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All Document Manager – Read All Office Documents v1.6.7 (Mod) Apk

read your documents containing your xls, pdf, word, docs, txt and ppt files. each of them can easily be managed and read with this app. you can have a quick reading of documents with the following document reader and document manager. any document reader app can convert your phone into a data sheet reader, docs file reader and you can also view your presentation ppt files very easily.

Document reader –

read all documents from your phone helps collect all documents from your phone at once and display them on screen. facilitate your schoolwork by reading your course notes on your phone. you can read your books in pdf format.

your class notes with the most promising app known as document manager –

manage all documents easily with your phone. it can work for your offline document reader as well as for new reader files. read your books in any format with the most featured document reading app. you can read pdf books, you can use it with document reader and reader. view all documents and also read your important notes to prepare for the exam. this app can help you if you don’t have any reading source like desktop or laptop, this app will make your phone more constructive and useful for reading documents. you can read your text files, pdf files and all other files while walking or lying in bed on your phone.
document manager

Now you can get the best manager for your phone which can make sure you play all files of all extensions with ease. you can copy / paste your text from one file to another. Make your text copy and paste through this application. select any text and copy it from this text file. all the text can be copied and you can easily paste it where you want.
docs reader – manage all your documents

you can create some specific folders and easily distribute your files to different folders. Reading your documents is easier when you keep them in different folders depending on their format. plus you can always take your datasheets xls files to a folder. your presentation files in another ppt folder and, similarly, all other files can be managed separately in a folder.

key points:

document reader – reader and viewer of all files
word file reader – read your docx files
pdf file reader
pdf format file.
A pdf viewer – reads and views all pdf files.

all pdf file reading capabilities.

text files, read your files in txt format.
all player and presentation files player.
ppt file player

prepare your office presentation files
readings of school documents
office work file reader and manager
manage your office work files on your phone.
all file manager applications
desktop presentation manager and ppt reader
school presentations ppt reader


** disclaimer / caution **

this app does not violate any type of google policy. if there is still a risk of violation, please contact us at apstansstudio@gmail.com

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