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All In One Calculator and Unit Converter v8 (Paid)(Pro) Apk

35+ unit converters and calculators

All-in-one Calculator offering over 35 unit converter and calculator. Almost every unit converter and calculator you will need. If you do not find features you are looking for in our app, send us an email and we will add it soon.

There are over 35 converters and calculators in the app that you can use and more are being added over time.

Key Features –

+- Standard Calculator:

Perform operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root, exponent

+- Unit Converters –

Convert units of measure for temperature, length, mass / weight, area, volume, angle, data, power, number system, pressure, shoe size

+- Health Calculators –

Track your health using measurements such as BMI Calculator, BMR Calculator, Daily Calorie Calculator and Ideal Body Weight Calculator

+- Financial Calculators –

For your daily money handling tasks we have added calculators for calculating tips, taxes, deductions, compound interest and simple interest

+- Mathematics Calculators –

Solve mathematical problems using calculators for algebra and engineering problems

*** Algebra –

Solve problems like equations, fractions, GCF / LCM, percent, permutation, and addition

*** Geometry –

Calculate geometric measurements such as area, perimeter, surface area, volume, Heron’s formula

We regularly add new features to the app. If you feel that some features are missing from the app, send us an email and we will add this feature soon.

What’s New?

* Added support for Android 10

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