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All in One Unit Converter Pro v4.0.0 (Paid)

Most of the time, we need to convert different units and perform some scientific calculations, such as converting length units, we may need to convert inches to millimeters, inches to centimeters, inches to feet, centimeters to inches, and convert Units of weight such as kilograms to lbs lbs to kg or Farenheit to Celcius etc.

So for scientific computing and help you convert units easily all-in-one Universal Unit Converter – Calculator is Engineering Unit Conversion Calculator, it supports metric and imperial units and includes smart tools that are also very useful engineering tools. Here are the unit conversion categories under the Conversions tab:

– Length/distance unit converter (kilometers to miles or feet to inches, etc.)
– Area unit converter (hectares to acres or miles to yards, etc.)
– Volume unit converter (cubic meters to cubic centimeters, etc.)
– Mass/Weight Unit Converter (Kilograms to Pounds or Grams to Ounces, etc.)
– Cooking unit converter (teaspoon to tablespoon or cup to teaspoon etc.)
– Computer storage unit converter (bits to bytes or megabytes to kilobytes, etc.)
– Temperature unit converter (Fahrenheit to Celsius or Kelvin to Celsius, etc.)
– Time unit converters are helpful (years to months or seconds to nanoseconds, etc.)
– Fuel unit converter (kilometers per liter to miles per liter etc.)
– Speed ​​unit converter (miles per hour to kilometers per hour, etc.)
– Pressure unit converter (kPa to Pascal or Torr to Pascal etc.)
– Force calculator using force formula (Newton arrival factor etc.)
– Torque unit converter to convert the units used to measure torque
– Angle calculator (degrees to radians or radians to degrees) etc.
– Density calculator using density formula
– Viscosity unit conversion
– flow
– Surface Tension
– Energy unit converter (joules to calories or kilojoules to joules, etc.)
– Power unit converter (megawatt to kilowatt, etc.)
– Current
– the resistance of the resistor
– Conductivity
– Resistivity
– Conductivity
– Capacitor capacity
– Inductance of Inductance
– Charge Converter
– electric potential
– Sound unit converter
– Frequency conversion
– Screen Resolution

The Unit Converter app also has very useful engineering tools implemented in Unit Converter – All-in-One Unit Conversion Tool to support and help with engineering unit conversions. Here are these smart tools
Under the Tools tab:

– Scientific calculator to perform scientific calculations
– Stopwatch
– memory usage
– Protractor
– Periodic Table of Elements
– number counter
– Compass
– Tachymeter
– RGB to HEX converter and HEX to RGB converter to convert RGB color codes to HEX colors and vice versa
– Qibla direction finder
– calendar
– Timer

For scientific computing, here are the math calculators under the Calculations tab:

– Area calculator
– Surface area calculator
– Perimeter calculator
– Volume calculator using volume formula
– Arrangement calculator
– Decimal to fraction calculator
– Scale calculator
– Date Difference Calculator (Age Calculator)
– Mileage calculator Distance calculator Fuel calculator


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