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Amazing Flashlight v2.83 (Premium) APK

A beautiful, simple and safe flashlight torch app. Built-in compass and camera, strobe, tactical mode and many other powerful features. This is a serious Swiss army flashlight app – a real rescue tool!

Perfect for any event: running, hiking, evening walks, biking, overnight camping, on the roads, dark places, garden, emergency, party, night event, sport, car repair, dog walking, book the night read, watch your kids while they sleep, alert drivers and pedestrians, and much more …

Without unnecessary permissions, does not collect personal information.

– LED flashlight
– Screen light
– Includes real flashlight widget
– Strobe
– Colorful screen lighting for sports fans
– Camera with light – convenient for searching for objects under furniture
– Emergency and warning lights
– Keeps on when minimized, even when the screen is off or locked
– Tactical mode (“Touch-2-Light”)
– Police lights emulation
– Ambulance, fire and construction lights
– Compass
– Support for light and dark themes

Smart features:

– Use the volume buttons to control the flashlight (in the app)
– Screen lock function to prevent accidental touch
– Background operation – keep the light on when the phone is locked
– Disco strobe
– Automatic screen dimming to avoid glare
– Battery status on screen

Additional features:

– Brightest mode
– Color light
– Lighthouse effect
– Default LED light state setting
– Safe and without unnecessary permissions
– Include an option to remove ads for a small fee

Why is the app asking for camera permission?
Technically, the flashlight is part of the camera and to turn it on and off, authorization from the camera is required.

★ The only flashlight, better to have and not need than to need and not to have ★

– The Loomatix team 🙂

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