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Amazing MP3 Recorder v0.10.78 (Final) (Unlocked) APK

No advertising! Lots of free features!

– HiRes Audio Multi-part WAV (32-bit / 192kHz: Marshmallow +)
– MP3 (paid)

– voice recorder
– RT monitor Field recorder: Volume / 3-band Equalizer / Pitch
– RT Cosplay: Change voice 12 voices (paid)

– Call recorder (Samsung, Nexus: Menu – Contact Us)

– Save with power button (during locked screen!)

– Reliability: tested 100 hours continuously (2.4GB MP3 / OGG)
– Battery: 34 hours continuous test on single battery charge (Note 4)
– Memory: 7 MB (use of widgets)
– Memory: 87 MB (use of the application)

– Stereo recording: configure ‘Audio Source for Stereo’
– Disable automatic gain / Noise reduction: set ‘Audio source for Mono’ = RAW
– HiRes Audio: 32-bit at 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 172kHz, 192kHz (Marshmallow +)

– TalkBack / blind friendly!
– Tasker and Dimple.io NFC button support (see Help – FAQ)

Free / paid (free trial)
– Paid: MP3, Voice changer, Call recorder (auto outgoing), Themes
– Free: Call recorder (incoming / outgoing, automatically incoming) and all other features

A donation unlocks all the features (Menu – Donate)
Paid functions (except MP3) are free for TalkBack, Shine Plu screen reader users

Call recorder

– Moto G 2nd Gen (not Moto X)
– Samsung
– Nexus / Google Pixel (Help – Contact Us for help)
– Other suggestions for call recorder apps: Help – Call Recorder

Change voice 12 voices in real time (paid)

– Dark Father
– Rylo Ken
– Dane
– Exterminator
– Space Trooper
– Captain Phase
– Badman
– Optimal Prime
– Uldron
– P3CO
– Collum
– Smug

Each voice is individually adjustable
Cosplay: Connect the headphones (or auxiliary cables to the ext speakers), then click Save. Keep the volume low initially.

Controls for Record / Pause / Stop
– Gestures (Settings – Show Buttons)
– Full screen gestures: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.stereomatch.gestures.recording
– Power button: 3 clicks (Record / Stop), 4 clicks (Record / Pause / Stop) – choose Settings – Record Controls
– Proximity sensor (Ear Detect): bring to the ear / flip phone on the board
– Volume (Up / Down / Down-long-press)
– Headset (click / double-click / long press)
– Buttons
– Widgets
– ‘Notification Always On’ button (activate)
– Launchers: InstantRecord, RecordStop
– Speak ‘Ok Google Open Instant Record’ to record

To avoid TalkBack sounds in recording: use Gestures, Ear Detect, Headset
Volume buttons don’t work for TalkBack, but made for Shine Plus

Heads-up (walking / jogging)
– Large buttons (visible under sunlight)
– Vibration feedback
– Sound reactions (Settings – Vibration & Sound)
– Remove buttons (Settings – Show Buttons)

NOTE: To avoid vibration in recording, reduce vibration time / increase recording delay settings

Files / Folders
– Flat / Daily Folders (default)
– Personalized recordings / Cloud / Call folders
– move to the Trash / Favorite / Cloud subfolders (organize recordings)
– Record / Cloud / Call folder buttons!
– Synchronize folders on a cloud (DropSync application)
– easy Play last recording
– Share (Skype, Email, WhatsApp)
– define ringtone, notification, alarm sound (manage – Settings – File Management)

File managers
– OI File Manager (integrated)
– Total Commander (best for TalkBack users)
– ES File Explorer
– X-plore File Manager
– ES File Explorer Pro

Battery saving
– Ear Detect: Dim Screen near Ear
– set Settings – Dim Screen on timeout


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