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Antisplit-G2 v1.3 (Apps/Apkm) APK

AntiSplit-G2 – app to rebuild / convert APK files into APKs.

how to use:

1. Download and install this application using SAI;
2. Download any application we need from Play Market and it cannot be extracted as a normal .APK file (SAI will tell you if the application consists of split files);
3. Create a backup / export the required application via the SAI;
4. Open AntiSplit and search for the exported .apks file;
5. We start the rebuilding process by clicking on the file;
6. After the compilation is completed, go to the folder where our .apks file is located, in the same folder there will be a .apk file with the same name;
7. We are using.

The app cannot handle all apk files, but most.

Multiple APK files or APK files, what are they? Google innovations that split the app into several different APK files. Each APK file is a complete and standalone version of the app, but it does not work in isolation, these APK files must have the same package name and must also be signed with the same key.

Why this? In simple terms, this is a kind of “LiteMod”, made only by the author of the application. Basically, the authors create APKs with support for all device configurations at the same time, and this increases the weight of the app. Therefore, Google started recommending that authors split an APK file into parts if it weighs more than 50MB.


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