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Apktool M v2.4.0-230312 (AntiSplit on Android) APK

Apktool M APK

APKTool is a powerful, open-source tool that allows users to reverse engineer Android apps, allowing them to inspect the code and resources contained within them. With APKTool, users can extract the APK (Android Application Package) files of installed apps or applications they’ve downloaded from the Google Play Store, and then decompile the files back into their source code and resources.

One of the most useful features of APKTool is the ability to modify the code and resources of an APK file. This makes it possible to customize the app’s functionality, add new features, or remove unwanted features. APKTool is particularly useful for developers who want to customize or repurpose existing apps, or for users who want to modify the behavior of an app to suit their specific needs.

The “M” command in APKTool stands for “Manifest”. The Android Manifest is a configuration file that describes the essential information about an Android app, including its package name, version, permissions, and activities. With the “M” command, users can extract, view, and modify the AndroidManifest.xml file of an APK. This allows users to change app permissions, modify package names, and add or remove activities and services.

To use the “M” command in APKTool, users first need to install APKTool on their computer. Once installed, users can open a command prompt or terminal window and navigate to the directory where the APK file is located. They can then enter the command “apktool d -s -r myapp.apk”, where “myapp.apk” is the name of the APK file. This will extract the APK file into a directory named “myapp”, which contains the decompiled code and resources of the app.

To edit the AndroidManifest.xml file, users can open it in a text editor, make the necessary changes, and then save the file. They can then recompile the APK file by entering the command “apktool b myapp”, where “myapp” is the name of the directory containing the modified code and resources. This will create a new APK file that includes the changes made to the AndroidManifest.xml file.

In conclusion, the “M” command in APKTool is a powerful tool for modifying the AndroidManifest.xml file of an APK, allowing users to customize app functionality, add new features, and remove unwanted features. APKTool is an essential tool for developers and advanced users who want to take their Android app development and customization to the next level.

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