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App Shortcuts Creator – App Shortcuts Master Pro v1.10 (Paid) APK

Create app and activity shortcuts on your phone using App Shortcut Maker.

Best reviews:

Easily create shortcuts for apps and app activities, allowing you to use custom icons and even comes with support for icon packs

Android Police:

App Shortcut Maker can see a bunch of app processes and easily put them on the home screen, including custom app icons from images or icon packs.

Android Community:

“App Shortcut Maker” lets you create shortcuts not only for apps, but also for other activities on your smartphone

Android titles:

App Shortcut Maker is an Android application that can further extend the usefulness of your Android home screen. It does this by giving users the power to create a shortcut to any app, any Android shortcut, or any Android activity.

App Shortcut Maker allows you to create a shortcut with a variety of unique options such as:
✔ Custom shapes for shortcuts. Unique option that allows to create shortcut icons with heart, Ace, apple shapes.

✔ Icon packs support, all Nova, apex, Adw, Aviate, Go, Start launcher icon packs supported, choose any icon from these icon packs to create shortcut.

✔ You can create app shortcuts using pictures from gallery.

✔ Rename the name of the shortcut.

✔ Search options for favorite apps and apps make it quick and fast to find the apps you want to have lunch.

✔ Create shortcuts for all activities.There are internal activities in apps, you can browse them and also create shortcut to these activities,
You can add pretty much any app screens. For example, the Stock Clock app doesn’t allow shortcuts directly to the Alarms page by default, but by using App Shortcut Maker you can add it as a shortcut to your home screen with no problem.

You can also use App Shortcut Maker to search for the app you want to launch.
if you know the name of the app, App Shortcut maker will help you find the app.

Please visit www.yogeshdama.com for more details
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