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Applock – Fingerprint Password & Gallery Vault Pro v2.1 (Paid) Apk

Free smart applock: activate privacy protection by allowing you to lock your applications with passwords, patterns or fingerprints. Best app lock enhances app security besides the usual android lock feature.
Secure your apps, prevent children or others from deleting or buying them.


This app uses the permission of the device administrator.
The application uses this permission for the “Prevent uninstallation” feature. When you enable this feature (from the left menu of the app), you will be asked to confirm before deciding to enable the device administrator permission. It is not mandatory, you can cancel if you do. not want to grant permission to the app.

This perfect app lock can also hide pictures and keep videos hidden in a secure vault. Your images and other media will disappear from the gallery. You will be the only ones to open and view them.

The smart app locker can protect your phone by locking all apps:

+- Lock system apps (settings, google play, calls, messages, emails) allow you to protect your privacy and no one can view your data.
+- Lock OTT, messaging and social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Viber, Lines, WhatsApp, Instagram, Wechat … to protect private information on your phone.
+-A Lock down payment apps like Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Paypal, e-wallet, and mobile banking to keep your personal security safe, add a second layer of protection to your financial apps, ensuring no intruders can access to your data. sensitive money accounts.
+- Lock other apps: All other apps running on your Android phone or tablet can be locked by app lock.

Outstanding Features:

+- Support app lock screen with three different modes:

pattern lock, password lock and fingerprint lock.

+ Pattern lock:

provide pattern lock screen with many beautiful themes.

+ Password lock:

set an additional passcode for the secure app, different from the normal lock screen password. The keypad lock screen with password.

+ Fingerprint Lock:

Works on devices that support fingerprint lock screen. The fingerprint password makes it more convenient to lock the app.

+- Many themes help to decorate the beautiful lock screen.

+- Photo Locker:

hides images, automatically deletes photos from gallery and stores them in a safe.

+- Video Lock:

Create a secure video vault to hide videos, encrypt and secure private videos. It makes you safer and more convenient by hiding your photos and videos and also replaying it in the secure gallery vault.

+- Lock Schedule:

Help you set time and app groups and schedule your access in a certain order. For example, business apps like email, calls, SMS, OTT, and payment apps automatically lock at night.

+- Child Lock:

Protect your sensitive apps when you give your cellphone to children. Allow children to use certain applications (Youtube or games) without authorization to unlock all applications. Limit the time your kids spend on the phone by simply opening apps for a while. Smart app lock locks the screen when the usage time has expired with the pattern lock screen or PIN code lock screen.


1. How to set a password for the first time: Open applock -> Draw Pattern -> Confirm pattern or open Applock -> Enter PIN -> Confirm PIN.
2. How to protect apps on my phone: you should at least lock settings and google play to prevent users from deleting your apps.
3. Stop applock and remove applock: you must have a password to remove app lock app. If you forgot your password, you can reset the password by email saved during applock installation.
4. Protect your private photos when deleting apps: before deleting

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