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APUS Message Center—Intelligent management v3.4.5 (Ad-Free) APK

APUS Message Center is centralized and intelligent message management software. A message can be handled efficiently by sorting, read reminder, quick reply or through other operations. You can receive all your messages (SMS, Call, E-mail, all social apps) in a single app, more simply, and manage them efficiently.

Why use APUS Message Center:

1) Management of message classification. You can manage and view your messages by sorting them, making them easier to read and find more conveniently.

2) Message read reminder. When a new message arrives, a bubble on the desktop reminds you to consult it, to prevent you from missing an important message.

3) Quick response to messages. When a new message arrives, you can easily reply to it using the window that appears on the desktop.

4) Unified message management. Centralized management of all your messages, to avoid spreading yourself too thin.

APUS Message Center should be used with APUS Launcher for even better effect.

Apps currently supported by APUS Message Center include but are not limited to: whatsapp, facebook, facebook messenger, twitter, snapchat, wechat, qq, skype, linkedin, imo, kakao, instagram, vk, tinder, yandex mail, yahoo mail, gmail and many more.

The quick reply function currently supports sms and whatsapp. We will support other types of messages soon.

Contact us :

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/APUSGROUP
witter: https://twitter.com/apusgroup
Email: apusmsgcenter@gmail.com
Official site: http://www.apusapps.com

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