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Arabugator I – Arabic conjugation game v3.9 (Premium) APK

Arabugator is an application that allows you to consolidate your knowledge in Arabic conjugation.

Arabugator offers you about a hundred verbs in Arabic, in three tenses, among the different existing forms.

We offer 3 modes to help you in your arabic learning to consolidate your knowledge:
– Review mode, to review the conjugation tables for each verb
– Pronouns mode, which consists in finding the pronoun corresponding to the conjugated verb
– Verbs mode, where the goal is to choose the right conjugated shape according to the pronoun, you can also manually enter the shape to make the game more challenging!

We propose you to review the 10 most common verb forms in Arabic, these forms applied to a verb allow you to vary the meaning and turns of phrases.

Arabugator has a list of the most used verbs in literary Arabic, allowing you to focus on the most common verbs first.

We also offer 2 games if you want to learn our verb lists:
– Quiz, where you will have to translate a series of Arabic words into your language
– MCQ, where from a word in your language you will have to choose one of the four proposals in Arabic

We provide audios to learn pronunciation in the premium version.

Arabugator is available in more than 20 languages!

Have a good arabic learning experience!

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