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Auto TTS v5.3.3 (Paid) Apk

– Listening to e-books, websites in different languages, and changing your text-to-speech engine (TTS) bores you.

– You are a blind or visually impaired user and use TalkBack to interact with your devices. Switching TTS engine every time when you come across ebooks / websites / apps in a different language is too difficult for you.

– You are developing a multilingual application and you do not know how to manage TTS engines with their supported languages.

Auto TTS can help!

Auto TTS has a special switching mechanism with a state-of-the-art automatic language detection function and helps to switch to the appropriate TTS engine based on the automatically detected language of the input text.

And Auto TTS is fully compatible with the standard Android text-to-speech interface and can work with TalkBack, other TTS engines, web readers, e-book readers … without any issues.


– Auto TTS requires Android 4.0 or later.
– Auto TTS uses Text-To-Speech system engines for reading. You must therefore install the appropriate TTS engine (s) for your languages.

How to use:

– Install Auto TTS from CH Play.
– Open automatic TTS.
– Select the automatic language detection mode:
+ None: Deactivate automatic language detection,
+ Dual Languages: word-for-word language recognition: English for Latin words and user-specified language for others,
+ Automatic language detection: automatic language detection of whole sentence, reads text in most possible languages.
– Select the language for the desired mode:
+ For automatic mode: set the preferred language for reading in case the language of the entered text could not be detected.
+ For dual mode: select the secondary language.
– Click on “Go to voice settings” and select your preferred voice (from the TTS engines available in your system) for each language. REMEMBER TO CHECK EACH VOICE BEFORE USE by clicking the Test button.

– Select Auto TTS as preferred TTS engine: go to Settings (System / Language and Text-To-Speech Input / Output) and set Auto TTS as preferred engine.
– For the developer: choosing “No linguistic content” (Locale “zxx-US”) activates the automatic language detection function for the entered text, even if the user deactivates the automatic language detection in the settings.

Supported languages:

– AutoTTS supports all languages ​​offered by the TTS engines available in your system. In fact, Google TTS, which normally comes with your phone and available for free from the Play Store, provides high-quality voices in almost 20 languages. For Vietnamese, install vnSpeak TTS.

To note:

– Changing the language within a TTS engine can cause a certain delay. You can avoid this by assigning one engine per language. For example: you define Google TTS for English, Samsung TTS for French, Ivona TTS for Polish, vnSpeak TTS for Vietnamese …
– If you have added a new TTS, AutoTTS should be restarted after setup with a new TTS by restarting your device, or switching to another TTS and then returning to AutoTTS in the system settings.


– The new mixed mode may NOT WORK on some devices. If you have such problem, please use different modes until we solve it. Sorry for causing inconvenience.


– Special thanks to our user Abdelghani Zehroune, who translated Auto TTS into French and Arabic.

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