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Avast Cleanup v24.10.0 build 800010714 (Premium)

◉ Professional / Paid Features Unlocked


Avast Cleanup Pro MOD APK is a highly efficient cache cleaner and junk cleaner app for Android.

Free up space

Delete unnecessary files to clean your phone, optimize RAM, and make room.
– Clear app cache and other unnecessary files from Android and your apps, such as caches, temporary files or leftover data
– Find out which apps take up the most space to clean your Android phone
– Identify and remove applications you no longer use to optimize space

Avast Cleanup MOD APK

It helps in the perfect optimization of the device through robust protocols like cleaning all the junk files of times in a fraction of seconds. Finding all the corrupted and cached files data and then cleaning them to improve the process. It quickly figures out all the unwanted files, images, videos, audios, documents, archives, caches, etc. It cleans them up to optimize the device performance to the best users can free their device from lagging and bugs issues. Avast Cleanup Premium Apk has many premium features which need to be unlocked, and these tools help a lot in analyzing and optimizing the device’s performance. Easily maintain the RAM and working by cleaning and boosting the device and excellent controls. Hibernation mode immediately switches off some files and apps working to improve device performance, optimizes battery life and usage, manages apps and their use, and other such functions.

Avast Cleanup Premium Apk

Avast Cleanup Premium Apk is an alternate mod variant of the original application. You can download it from the below link and enjoy the service f optimizing the performance and device maintenance. This mod version offers users advanced cleaning and management tools for effective device performance, unlocking all the premium features and the functions for free so users can make good use of them. All the tools and premium purchases are unlocked; you can set the platform on automatic cleanups to enjoy free optimization. The no-ads policy blocks all the ads appearing in the application and offers even more security and optimization. This modded form doesn’t require rooting while installing it and provides the anti-ban and antiviral properties in the system.


Avast Cleanup Premium Apk is one of the latest and most innovative integrated application features. Here, users enjoy the optimum device performance and data saving, cleanups, and boosting. We are discussing below some of the functions and features for users to give them an idea of the servings;

Avast Cleanup MOD APK

Cleans junk files from all the applications and platforms

Avast Cleanup Premium Apk offers users the cleanups of the junk files in the device by optimizing and analyzing all the apps and files in your device system. First, it integrates itself into all the application and storage space in your device and then finds out all the files and archives that need to be removed, creating problems for the users. All the junk files and the storage space archives create issues and lag your device. You need to follow the notification or tap on the platform junk files cleaning option that removes all the files.

Removes all the caches, corrupted, and unwanted files.”

Avast Cleanup Premium Apk allows the users to clean all the cache files of all the applications by searching them from individual apps and bringing them to one place to clear them with one tap. The app optimizes and analyzes the system to figure out the storage of corrupted files and archives. After analyzing, it offers all the caches and corrupted and unwanted files that need to be deleted to improve the maintenance and optimization of the space. Users will love how it removes all the junk files and corrupted and archives file optimization.

Manages the battery and optimizes the RAM

Avast Cleanup Premium Apk offers the users ultra-fast device performance by optimizing and managing all the affairs related to space and storage. It cleans and removes all the unwanted files, corrupted files, archives, cache files, etc. protects the device from lagging and bugs by optimizing the RAM. It manages effectively and efficiently the battery life and management of your device. Users get to optimize the battery according to the leftover available, so you will have efficient battery life and enjoy optimum device performance.

Hibernation modes and automatic optimization

Avast Cleanup Premium Apk offers users multiple advanced features and premium tools to effectively optimize and manage the system. In the premium model, it allows the automatic optimizing system where it sets a time to clean and removes files to boost the system. Hibernation mode allows users to shut down the operation of any application or storage space when it creates problems of lagging and bugs in the system.

The unlocked premium platform for free

If you download the application from this website, all the premium tools and the functions get unlocked. In this application, you enjoy classified tools and advanced optimizing processes, and that too for free—no need to spend a penny from your pocket. Users will enjoy the maximum benefits for free and dive into the improved performance of the device.

Avast Cleanup MOD APK


Download Avast Cleanup Premium Apk to enjoy optimum device performance and effective software and battery life management. It offers the users unmatchable top-notch cleanups and boosting features, make use of the tools to delete junk files, cache files, unwanted files, RAM boosting, Storage boosters and deleting corrupted files, etc.


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