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AZ Screen Recorder v6.0.3 (Premium)

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AZ Screen Recorder: The Ultimate Tool for Screen Recording and Video Creation

AZ Screen Recorder Screen recording has become an essential tool for creators, gamers, educators, and professionals alike. Whether you want to make tutorial videos, create gaming content, record online meetings, or capture your favorite moments on your screen, screen recording software can help you do it. However, not all screen recording tools are created equal. Some may lack features, others may be too complicated to use, and some may have poor performance. Fortunately, there is one screen recording app that stands out from the rest: AZ Scrreen Recorder.

AZ Sccreen Recorder is a powerful, easy-to-use screen recording app that allows you to capture high-quality video and audio from your device’s screen. It is available for Android devices and has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. With AZ Sccreen Recorder, you can record your screen in Full HD (1080p) or even 2K (1440p) resolution, with no time limit, watermarks, or ads.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at AZ Scrreen Recorder and explore its features, benefits, and use cases. We will also provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to use AZ Screen Recorder to create high-quality screen recordings on your Android device.

Features of AZ Screen Recorder

  1. High-quality Screen Recording:

AZ Screen Recorder offers high-quality screen recording for Android devices, allowing you to capture smooth and clear videos. You can record videos up to 1080p resolution, which is great for creating video tutorials or recording gameplay.

  1. No Time Limit:

One of the best features of AZ Screen Recorder is that there is no time limit for recording. You can record as long as you want, without worrying about running out of recording time. This is especially helpful for recording long videos, such as live streams or webinars.

  1. No Watermarks:

AZ Recorder does not add any watermarks to your recorded videos. This is great if you want to create professional-looking videos that don’t have any branding or logos on them.

  1. No Root Required:

Unlike many other screen recording apps, AZ Recorder does not require root access to your Android device. This means that you can use the app without worrying about voiding your warranty or risking damage to your device.

  1. Audio Recording:

AZ Recorder allows you to record audio from your device’s microphone, which is great for adding narration to your videos or capturing sounds from your device. You can also choose to record audio from your device’s internal audio, which is great for recording game sound effects or music.

  1. Facecam:

AZ Recorder offers a Facecam feature that allows you to record your face and voice while recording your screen. This is great for creating video tutorials or live streaming games, as it adds a personal touch to your videos.

  1. Video Editing:

AZ Recorder comes with a built-in video editor that allows you to trim, crop, and add text to your videos. This is great for polishing your videos and adding a professional touch.

  1. Countdown Timer:

AZ Recorder offers a countdown timer feature that allows you to start recording after a few seconds. This is great for giving you time to prepare before starting to record, especially if you’re recording a tutorial or gameplay.

  1. Draw on the Screen:

AZ Screen Recorder allows you to draw on the screen while recording, which is great for highlighting certain elements or adding annotations to your videos.

  1. Multiple Video Formats:

AZ Screen Recorder supports multiple video formats, including MP4, GIF, and FLV. This makes it easy to share your videos on different platforms and devices.


AZ Screen Recorder is a versatile and powerful screen recording solution for Android devices. With its wide range of features and intuitive user interface, it offers users a seamless recording experience. Whether you’re a content creator looking to record high-quality videos, or a professional looking to capture important moments on your device, AZ Screen Recorder is the perfect tool for the job.

Some of the top features of AZ Screen Recorder include the ability to record in full HD, capture audio from both internal and external sources, and edit videos directly within the app. Additionally, it offers users the ability to customize their recordings with a variety of settings and options, including video resolution, frame rate, and bit rate.

Overall, AZ Screen Recorder is a reliable and user-friendly app that is sure to meet the needs of a wide range of users. Whether you’re looking to record your favorite games, create tutorial videos, or capture important moments on your device, AZ Screen Recorder is the perfect tool for the job.

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