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Battery Alarm – Full & Low Battery v2.0 (Pro) (Unlocked) APK

We present to you a super battery notification app. The app is useful in helping to keep the battery in good condition. And there are the

main features:

– Full battery alarm and low battery notification
– To turn on / off full battery or low battery notices
– Different types of warning notifications:
– to adjust the vibration
– to set the alarm
– play music
– flashing flash
– Simple application interface

You might have a question – what is this battery alarm app for? Well, now we are going to explain all the important functions and features of the battery saving app in more detail:

By receiving full battery charge notifications, you have the opportunity to disconnect your gadget from the power source in time and thus save battery life. overload and the battery also wears out much faster and will need to be replaced soon. But when you get notifications, you just need to disconnect the smartphone from power on and avoid all these risks.

To enable / disable full battery or low battery notifications
You can turn these battery saving notifications on and off whenever you want. For example, full battery alarm notifications might interfere during a conference, meeting or at work, while sleeping or resting. notifications, customize them yourself, for your convenience and convenience.

Different options for incoming battery alarm notifications: vibration, alarm, music, flashing flash
But what if you don’t like the sound of incoming battery saver notifications, the annoying flashing, or it’s not appropriate in the workplace? Fixing all of this is very easy. In the new super battery app there are different notification options available and you can choose the one you like the most and which suits you
So we have 4 options for incoming messages to suit all tastes: vibration, flashing flash, alarm and music. The vibration is suitable for you if you don’t like loud sounds or if music or alarms are forbidden. Clignot The flashing light is suitable for dark rooms as well as well-lit rooms, it will also suit you if you don’t don’t like or don’t like music, vibrations or an alarm clock. In other words, vibration or light is more universal and it won’t disturb your peace or the peace of people around you. 🔕🔇 Full or low battery notifications like an alarm clock or music are suitable for people leaving the phone in charge and forget it for half a day or for those who are constantly busy and usually don’t hear discreet messages messages

Simple application interface
The interface of the new battery alarm app has become much more interesting and unusual. Nevertheless, it has remained simple and practical to use.

↪️Download the full battery alarm app↩️, find the right type of notifications for you, avoid burning your smartphone battery❗️❕


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