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BatteryOne: Battery v1.5.55 (Premium)

✪ Pro Features Unlocked

🔋 BatteryOne collects, processes and displays various battery health data. For example, charging or discharging speed, voltage, temperature, actual capacity, average consumption and much more.

❤️ It’s no secret that phone battery resources are limited. It depends on many factors, from temperature to charging frequency. By analyzing data from BatteryOne, you can track the impact of these factors on your battery. .

⚡️ Highlights
– average charge / discharge rate of the battery;
– calculate the actual battery capacity;
– remaining battery life from the current percentage of charge;
– predict battery wear;
– highly customizable application;
– change a notification according to your needs;
– database management;
– Tools ;
– battery temperature graph;
– battery wear graph for the past week;
Usage history.
📊 To calculate the real battery capacity, a unique algorithm is used that takes into account all charging sessions together, not separately. This achieves good precision for the final result.

⌚ In the latest version of the app, widgets have been added. Each widget has the ability to customize as you wish, just click on it. Also, if you wish, you can change the size of the widget.

BatteryOne has an experimental feature for battery wear prediction. With it, you can see approximately when your battery will become unusable. To accomplish this task, a complex algorithm is used that takes into account the specific battery usage pattern.

🔑 Accessibility features
– Unique battery wear prediction function.
– Without ads.
– Ability to change the content of the alert.
– Tools.
– Access to control the database.


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