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BGram v8.3.1 Ad-Free Mod APK

Advanced unofficial client based on Telegram API.


• Create your own chat tabs with png icon support.
• Direct chats: you can create a new folder and define it as direct chats, which will be displayed in the sidebar and as a tab.
•Batch actions with chats (mark as read, delete, etc.) and contacts.
• Automatic merge of your sent messages in a row.
• Confirmation of sending audio, video, GIF, stickers messages.
•Change interface fonts with ttf display and configuration from chat.
• Hidden chats with telegram password protection and fingerprint login.
• Auto-select proxy based on ping and connection speed.
•Integrated TOR.
• Forward messages without quote, with modification or addition of caption to the media.
• Copy part of the message.
•Improved formatting panel (with quote and response to the selected sentence).
• Create links in two clicks.
•Increase the limit of pinned chats to 100.

• All types of media shared in the profile.
• Photo in chat across the width of the screen.
•Hide the lower panel in the channels.
• Search button in each chat.
• Save to cloud and edit buttons next to chat messages.
•Copy links and usernames per click.
• Reply and save in the cloud (in channels) swipe left, swipe forward to the right.
• “Forward and delete original messages,” save selection after multi-forward “, etc.
•Quick access to functions by long pressing on various interface elements.
• Quick selection (in 3 clicks) of message groups and batch actions (backup in the cloud, copy of links).
• Long tap actions in search results: on chat avatar – copy username, on message – copy link to message.
•Search for replies to your messages on all chats (long press the search button in the main screen).

• Create a link to a user profile without a username.
• Mention by name (without @) with personalized text.
•Search for message replies and user messages in a group.
• Users see group administrator rights.
• Convenience to manage group: clean from deleted, access to avatar hold log, buttons in profile, items in context menu, batch transfer from log.
•Backup settings with upload to the cloud
• Export a list of links to all chat tabs.


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