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Bluetooth Audio Device Widget v4.4.1 (Mod) APK

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Bluetooth Audio Device Widget Mod APK

Bluetooth Audio Device Widget app to easily connect your Bluetooth audio devices. If you want to listen to music you have to go to set up wireless bluetooth and connect bluetooth headphones (speakers handsfree earbuds soundbar car stereo…)? It’s complicated and annoying. I have a better solution. Add a widget to your home screen for your favorite device.

Connect your bluetooth headphones and play Spotify with one click without going into the settings menu. The Bluetooth icon on the widget indicates the connection status. Blue icon – connected Gray icon – state change (connected/disconnected). On the widget you can see which bluetooth profiles are connected (music calls) and if the headset is supported.

For supported devices, the battery level is displayed on the widget (requires Android 8.1 and higher).
The app supports enhanced reading battery power from the following headphones Apple Airpods Apple Airpods Pro Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. In the app or notification on the widget, you can view the battery level of each earbud and case.

You can enable enhanced mode for widgets. Clicking on the widget brings up a menu with options to connect/disconnect to select the active device and to control the bluetooth profile (music calls).

You can slightly adjust the size of the widgets, as well as the colors and margins of the widgets, in the app settings or directly on the screen 1×1 1×2 etc. On Android 12 and higher, the widget supports dynamic colors based on the user’s wallpaper.

Bluetooth Audio Device Widget app supports A2DP and Headphone Profile audio devices such as portable speakers, sound bars, hands-free, etc. In the app, supported device profiles are indicated by a small icon in the upper right corner. Annotation icon for A2DP – Streaming high quality audio (music) or phone icon for calling.

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