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Bluetooth Battery Monitor Pro v1.20 (Paid) Apk

Bluetooth Battery Monitor – is a widget-only application that provides you with an estimated battery level of your Bluetooth headset (or other device) and calculates how much time is left of its battery life. To calculate these values, the widget monitors the activity of your Bluetooth device and uses the active time and the waiting time that you need to enter in the configuration screen. You can take these values ​​from user guide or specifications for your bluetooth device, or use widget itself to count the active time for you.

This app is compatible with all bluetooth devices, which support A2DP or headset profiles.


Battery level icon in the status bar (optional);
Alert notification if your bluetooth device is low battery (optional);
Available 2×1 and 1×1 widget sizes;
You can assign your desired names to your bluetooth devices;
Easy to use and configure;
Ability to backup and restore widget data;
Friendly battery.


🎲 Double tap the battery icon or the percentage: reset the battery level and the remaining time values;
🎲 Single tap on device name or remaining time: open configuration screen.


🌌 Double tap the bottom item to reset the battery level and the remaining time values;
🌌 Single tap on the item to open setup screen.

For more information, please refer to in-app help guide.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me using the email: droidsft@gmail.com.


This widget was developed first for bluetooth devices, which do not report battery level via bluetooth protocol, but is compatible with all bluetooth devices, that support A2DP or headset profiles. Don’t be disappointed if you’re looking for an app that can display the battery level from a headset itself via bluetooth – this widget isn’t supposed to do that.


If your Android device is not correctly reporting bluetooth playing status, the “A2DP Force Detection” feature should help, but note that this feature will not force the widget to update immediately when you start or stop playing. music, but widget will accurately count time and display correct playing status after each periodic update (every minute). So wait about a minute after you start or stop playing music, the widget should display correct state, it will not effect the battery life counting accuracy, just a short delay of Correct status display for devices that do not comply with Android Documentation.

Write external storage permission is only used for writing and reading widget backups.

What’s New?

– Fixed crashes.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


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