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Buttons remapper – Mapping & Combination v1.23.0 (Premium) APK

With Button Remapper, you can:

– Swap buttons or associate new functions with buttons
– Define actions for a combination of two keys or a double click
– Map an action to a long press
– Remap buttons to show taps and touch events (even for games!)
– Change the default multimedia volume
– Activate a flashlight via a double click on the volume button (or any other)
– Open your favorite browser, dialer or camera apps
– Disable a glitch button
– Remap the buttons on the headset
– Change the combination to take a screenshot
– Latest app functionality similar to Android N for older devices
– Make full use of your QWERTY keyboard, external gamepad or other remote control device

This app will only work with hardware buttons (including capacitive) and will NOT work with on-screen programmable buttons.

Some actions are only available on modern versions of Android:

– Simulate the pressures on the screen (Android 7.0+)
– Simulate screen hold (Android 9.0+)
– Lock screen (Android 9.0+)
– Screenshot (Android 9.0+)
– Answer a phone call (Android 8.0+ or ​​Root)
– End a phone call (Android 9.0+ or ​​Root)

Some features are only available with Root:

– Menu
– Search
– Kill the current process
– Emulate other buttons via the keypad code

The following features are only available in the Premium version of the app:

– Simulate screen events
– Execution of a sequence of commands
– Screenshot
– Answer and reject phone calls
– Microphone deactivation
– Brightness adjustment
– Latest app functionality
– Combinations


This app uses accessibility services. It was designed to help drivers, disabled users, and anyone who may find it useful, to access apps faster and replace different actions with just one click of the button. The app only uses the following features of the Android accessibility service:
– Filter key events to access the device key event and remap it to any other action;

Key event actions are not logged to persistent storage and are not sent off the device. The same goes for a last open package of the application. Events are saved in RAM to process combinations and Last applied action only. The app does not require permission for internet access and does not include any advertising.


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