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Car Radio Reloaded v1.70.0 (Mod) APK

Online radio specially designed for Android car head unit to simulate FM radio. It won’t work on your phone from ten years ago!

The free version allows you to listen to a country’s radio stations! This is for testing the app before you buy it! You can unlock all available stations by purchasing the full version.

* Shows “RDS”/”Now Playing” (if available – sent by station or not!).

* Steering wheel button to switch favorite or all stations.

*Available for car launchers!

* Global favorites of stations from all over the world!

* Volume changes with speed!

*Real-time speed limit signs in Km/h and Mp/h from HERE.

* Search for actual songs on Apple Music or Spotify!

The app is designed to be used with 2 Din car stereo head units such as Joying or MTCD PX5 car audio equipment.

Due to the nature of the app and its reason for being, adding thousands of stations and playlists to it is not desirable.
We could load all the stations in the world into the app in a second, but we won’t.
If you want an app with thousands of useless playlists that you never listen to but have to scroll through every time you want to listen to your favorite tunes, try another app.
If you want a high-quality app with the most listened to high-quality stations, then you don’t need another app but this one.

We have stations from all over the world and we are constantly adding new countries and stations.

If you don’t find your country and/or your favorite radio station, you can request it in the app, or you can contact us at “support@carradio.live” and provide the country and requested station name.

1. If the station you requested is already in the app, but you just don’t find it, we will ignore your request.

2. You must make sure that the station you are requesting has a license to broadcast on the Internet, which means you need to make sure that the station actually has an online version and is available live. If you request a station that is not live, we will ignore your request.

3. You must make sure to provide the official unique name (US/Canadian call sign) of the station you are requesting. If we can’t find the station or we find multiple stations with a similar name but we cannot determine which one you are referring to, we will ignore your request.

4. We will not add amateur radio station Sound Cloud streaming podcasts and playlists without real programming and commentators in the app.

5. We will add webcasts without frequency as appropriate.

6. Religious broadcasts will be added at our sole discretion. If you ask for one and it’s not added within a week, don’t ask for it again. This request will be ignored.

Visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AndroidCarRadio
Please also join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/chineseheadunits

This app may not work with custom roms like Malaysk!

This is not an offline AM/FM radio!
It is impossible to create an offline radio for Android without hacking the OS!
All apps on the play store that claim to be offline FM radio are scams!

You need a data plan to use this app.
In the European Union, several gigabytes of mobile data are integrated into your standard phone bill.
You will need ~1MB to listen to the radio for 1 minute.

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