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ChampCalc Scientific Calculator v6.04 (Pro) Apk

ChampCalc Pro © Scientific Calculator is a powerful scientific calculator that supports large numbers and extreme precision of over 100 digits.
The calculator detects and displays repeating decimals (periodic numbers) on the screen and interfaces, and allows them to be changed within the expression.

The calculator fully supports complex numbers in rectangular and polar form. Complex numbers can be used freely inside the expression, and they are fully supported by functions.
The calculator provides a wide variety of areas such as math, trigonometry, logarithms, statistics, percentage calculations, base-n operations, scientific constants, unit conversions, and more.

An advanced programmer’s calculator is built-in and supports binary, octal and hexadecimal number systems. The calculator offers additional features such as logic operations, bitwise offsets, and rotations.

Edit expression conveniently and clearly by multiline expression editor and customizable syntax highlighting.
Using the calculator is simple and convenient, thanks to the friendly and intuitive user interfaces.
And no less important, professional and aesthetic appearance, high quality themes, syntax color customization, and much more.


– Multiline expression editor with syntax highlighting
– Supports large numbers and extreme precision
– Supports up to 100 decimal digits of significance
– Full support for complex numbers and polar view
– Math, Trig, Logarithmic, Statistics and more
– Trigonometric and hyperbolic functions
– Binary, octal and hexadecimal digital systems
– Logic operations, bitwise offsets and rotations
– Statistical calculations by stack entries
– Percentage calculations
– Using parameters inside the expression (PRO)
– Provide detailed information on the result
– Interactive interface to store and use values

– Statistical calculator with stack entries
– More than 300 scientific constants (CODATA)
– More than 760 conversion units
– Sharing and clipboard operations
– Quick navigation in the history of expressions
– Interactive interfaces for memory and expressions
– Angular mode: degrees, radians and grades
– Conversion functions for angular mode
– DMS support (degrees, minutes and seconds)
– Configurable digital format and precision
– Fixed, scientific and engineering mode
– Detects, displays and modifies repeating decimal numbers
– High quality themes
– Customize the syntax highlighting of the expression
– Integrated user manual

Features of the PRO version:

– Organization and saving of expressions
– Advanced settings user interface
– Advanced color editor for syntax highlighting
– Customize the text size of the expression
– Trigonometric functions with complex arguments
– Support for this project ☺

Download the powerful and advanced scientific calculator app now!

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