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Civil Engineering Pro v5.6 (Paid) Apk

✴ civil engineering is one of the largest and oldest of the engineering disciplines, extending into many technical specialties. Civil Engineers plan, design, and oversee the construction of facilities essential to modern life such as space satellites and launch facilities, offshore structures, bridges, buildings, tunnels, roads, transportation systems in common, dams, airports, ports, water supply system and sewage treatment plants. ✴

【Free Listing Version】

► This civil engineering application consists of various important topics, which is very useful for all civil engineers.✦

► This Safe Learning Technique App Concretes Your Civil Engineering Basics.
The main goal of the app is to bring faster learning and quick reviews of the subject. This is a great help in Examinations and Interviews.This App defines all technical terms from Elementary to Professional level. The definitions are technical, detailed and explained according to not an ordinary civil engineering field.It application, it contains civil engineering history and much evolution as a feature.✦ Timeline

【Few topics covered in this app are listed below】

– An Introduction to the Field of Civil Engineering
– Civil Engineering Disciplines
– History of Civil Engineering
– Low Cost Housing
– Stones
– Bricks
– Lime
– Cement
– Properties Of Ordinary Portland Cement
– Physical Tests On Cement
– Uses Of Cement
– Timber
– Classification Of Timber
– Uses Of Timber
– Mortars
– Sand

– On Concrete Tests

– Reinforced Cement Concrete (R.C.C.)
– Reinforced Brick Concrete (R.B.C)
– Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (F.R.C
– Cellular Concrete
– Ferro-Cement
– Ferrous Metals
– aluminum
– Copper
– Glass
– Plastics
– Uses of Plastics
– Bitumen
– Asbestos
– Paints
– Properties of an Ideal Paint
– Distempers
– Varnishes

– Solid And Hollow Concrete Blocks

– Roofing And Flooring Tiles
– Building Planning
– Basic Requirements Of A Building
– Planning
– R.C.C. Jogging
– Footing wire mesh
– Arch Foundation
– Walls
– Stone Masonry

– Brick Masonry
– Plastering
– Pointing
– Flooring
– Upper Floors
– Roof
– Doors And Windows
– Types Of Doors
– Types Of Windows
– Lintels

– Stairs

– Dampness and Its Prevention
– Cost Effective Construction Techniques
– Introduction to Surveying
– Object And Uses Of Surveying
– Plans And Maps
– Scales
– Types Of Graphical Scales
– Units Of Measurements
– Linear Measurements and Chain Surveying
– Measurement with Chains or Tapes
– Selection of Stations
– Offsets
– Field Book
– Field Work
– Compass Surveying
– Seismograph

– Improving Earthquake Resistance Of Tall Buildings

– Cyclone Resistant Buildings
– Fire Resistant Building
– Manufacturing In RCC Construction
– Comparison Between CPCC FBEC & CRSD
– Prevention Of Corrosion In RCC By Bacteria
– Carbonation
– Chloride attack
– Prevention of corrosion
– Construction of CRCP
– Performance of the CRCP
– Measurement-Units
– What Are The Formulas For Earth Moving?
– Material-Testing

– Testing Of Concrete Blocks

– Various Lab Tests
– Civil Engineering Softwares
– Basic Methods of Waste Management
– Architecture in Civil Engineering
– Construction Waste Recycling
– The Modular or Ecological Brick
– Eco-friendly Construction
– Tilt Up Concrete Construction
– Small Green Footprints
– SUDS for Crud – Help for Dirty Car Parks
– Structural Failure
– Construction Failures
– What Are Paints

– Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

– Infrared Paint Strippers
– Exterior Doors For Entry
– How To Handle Hydroplaning
– Building the Best Foundations
– Lead Content in Paint
– What is Earthquake Engineering?
– The Work of a Construction Project Engineer
– Hydraulic Cement

– Types of Riveted Joints Explained
– Reusing Formwork for Concrete
– Low Cost Housing Construction in Earthquake Zones
– Beam Load Calculations Explained
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