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Clean Weather v2.9.9 (Premium) APK

Clean Weather is a clean, easy-to-use app that provides accurate information on current temperature, UV index, humidity, wind speed, air pressure, and rain hazards for any location in the world .

Most people check the weather at least once a day to dress appropriately and to know if they should take an umbrella before leaving the house. Their interest is even greater when they are preparing to go on vacation, and it therefore becomes mandatory to rely on a credible source of information.

Clean Weather promises to be a reliable solution in this regard. It provides users with accurate data on current temperature, air quality, risk of rain, humidity, UV index, wind speed, dew point and visibility for any place in the world. In addition, they can view the forecast for the next few hours and days in an intuitively designed interface.

The app allows users to manage multiple locations on a single platform and thus compare the temperature between two or more cities with just a few clicks. Moreover, it allows them to configure a plethora of settings, switch from dark theme to light theme, change accent color, and go for the most attractive icon pack. Users can also view notifications in the status bar and choose from a variety of beautiful widgets to put on the home screen. Likewise, some premium benefits are only available through a subscription.

Main Features:

– Extended daily and hourly forecasts
– Air quality information
– Daily summary of today’s forecast
– Daily rain alerts
– Evening summary of tomorrow’s forecast
– Compare temperatures between two locations
– Additional useful information: actual temperature, humidity, risk of rain, atmospheric pressure, wind speed.
– Weather radar
– Precipitation table
– Current weather conditions in the status bar
– Two beautiful themes: dark (all black all – best suited for AMOLED displays) and light.
– Multiple icon packs
– Several home screen widgets

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