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Cleaner For Android : Phone junk clean , optimizer v9.2.2.19 (Premium) APK

Cleaner For Android is a multipurpose app for Android devices. It boosts and optimizes the performance of your Android device, while removing unwanted apps and files to reclaim space. With its one-click booster, you can clean up all cache files in a quick span of time. It further optimizes the phone battery, cleans up all junk files, manages apps, and even protects your device from malware attacks. All of these modules are created to improve the overall performance of the device.

What Cleaner For Android offers:

One-click boost

With Cleaner For Android, optimizing RAM is made extremely easy. Just press “TAP TO BOOST” and all your problems are solved. It frees your device’s cache and optimizes its performance.

Junk File Cleaner

With continuous use, an Android device is cluttered with hundreds of junk files. Finding and cleaning up all that garbage isn’t easy, but Cleaner For Android allows you to clean and declutter your device to free up space and improve your device’s performance.

Battery saver

Cleaner for Android allows you to analyze your device’s battery usage and terminate apps that are causing battery drain. Battery drain can be caused by apps that are no longer in use or those running in the background. It allows you to close these apps and save battery. In addition, it also indicates the temperature of the device.

Game Speed ​​Up

Cleaner For Android not only cleans the junk on your device, but also lets you get the most out of it. You can enhance your gaming experience with its Game Speed ​​Up feature. It frees up RAM to greatly increase the speed of your device. Also, it closes background running processes to improve gaming performance.

Application manager

App Manager by Cleaner For Android locates and displays applications that no longer take up space. You can rely on this app to uninstall and disable apps to reclaim space and speed up your Android device. Moreover, it allows you to archive files.

File Explorer

Make the most of File Explorer to efficiently manage files stored on your device. This is an amazing feature offered by Cleaner For Android to organize files and folders. It also allows you to share, delete and back up your files.

Duplicate File Remover

Reclaim maximum storage space with Cleaner For Android’s Duplicate File Cleanup module. It allows you to quickly find duplicates on your device based on their file name, content, and type. Once the duplicates are detected, quickly select them with Auto-Mark and delete them to reclaim significant storage space.


Cleaner For Android also protects your device from malware attacks and infections. With the integration of Anti-Malware application, you can easily scan for malware and prevent data corruption and infection.

Hibernate Apps

Hibernate Apps is one of the important add-ons of Cleaner For Android where the apps that lead to battery drain are put into hibernation and put your device in a low power state. Usually, the process puts to sleep applications that are either unused or inactive for a long time.

WhatsApp module

Cleaner For Android lets you view and manage all your WhatsApp media in one place.

What’s New:

– Anti-Malware module updated.
– Updated scan engine for faster and more accurate scans.
– Compatible with the latest Android version.
– Minor Bug Fixes.

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