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Clipboard Manager : Clipo Pro v13.5.0-pro (Paid) APK

Clipo creates quick and smart actions for your copied text and displays them as a notification or a beautiful intuitive list in the app

👍 Cloud backup and sync on multiple devices! Access your clips on any device on our website https://clipo.maubis.com/
👍 See all your clips, in a clear and intuitive material list! You can quickly copy an old clip to the Clipboard for use!
👍Search: Get quick action to search the copied text on your search engine of choice – Google, Bing, Baidu, AOL, DuckDuckGo!
👍 Call: filter your clips and detect phone numbers to give you a touch to call experience!
👍 Add to contacts: filter phone numbers and quickly add them to contacts!
👍Open Link: Quickly open a link in your clip!

👍 Shorten Link: Quickly shorten a URL and share it quickly!
👍 Email: Detect emails and get a tap to write email action!
👍QR Code: Instantly convert text to QR code with one click and share it with your friends!
👍 Define: Quickly get meanings for the words you copy! Receive a notification for the definition and also in the app at any time!
👍 Express yourself: say the word you copied with just one click!
👍Translate: one tap to translate the text you copied into the language of your choice!
👍 Export: Export to SD card
👍 Export / Import / Backup: Save and import your clips!

More features:

👍 Title: set a title for your clips
👍 Tags: set tags on your clips!
👍Get a floating bubble when you copy text!
👍 Mark clips as favorites, archive them for later!
👍 Select your notification background in a wide variety of colors!
👍Timeout and automatic deletion of notifications

Why Pro?

👍 Additional features: app theme selection, floating panels, etc.
👍 Support the development of Clipo! (The cloud costs us to maintain)
👍Early access to new features (new versions are delivered first)
👍 Higher priority to suggestions (we focus on fixing bugs and adding suggestions first)

Fully controlled notification behavior, so you can customize it to your liking!

It is comparable to other Clipboard apps like Clipboard Actions, Clipboard Manager, etc., but provides an intuitive, clean and robust interface that you feel right at home with! We are rapidly developing the app to make it better and more useful!

It’s a project for all of us! We keep adding new features, and on demand!
Please give us 5 stars and ask for something cool which will make this app better for you!

Download Free Clipboard For Android Now And Support Us!
This is the only clipboard manager you will ever need!

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

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