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Coinoscope: Identify coin by image v1.9.1 (Paid) Apk

Coinoscope is a visual coin search engine.

Coinoscope makes it easy to identify coins – just take a photo of a coin with your phone’s camera and the app will show you a list of similar coins. Click on the part to view additional information in your phone’s web browser. Save the search results and create your collection of coin photos. An essential tool for every coin collector and numismatist!

Coinoscope uses artificial intelligence techniques to assess the similarity of coins.

Main screen:

– Center a room before taking a photo
– Tap the image to focus
– Use the zoom slider to increase / decrease image size
– If no similar part is found, try to get a sharper picture by using zoom and focus, change the lighting conditions or the camera angle of the phone.

Results screen:

– Scroll down to view pictures and descriptions of parts
– Tap the image or description to view additional information in your phone’s web browser
– Press the Back button to return to the application from the web browser
– Tap the photo icon or the arrow icon to return to the main screen
– Enter an optional note, one or more tags (#) and press “Save” to store the search results
– Long click to copy a description from the list into the note field
– Press “Find Similar” to search for similar parts

My collection screen:

– Choose the “All” tab for a chronological list of parts or the “# Tagged” tab for parts with tags
– Scroll down to view images and descriptions of saved search results
– Click to modify the saved search result
– Long click to delete the saved search result

Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coinoscope/

Privacy Policy:

– The Coinoscope mobile app uses a phone camera to capture images of coins.
– To carry out a search for similarity, images of coins are downloaded and stored on the Coinoscope server.
– Coinoscope will not share downloaded images with third parties.
– The images of the downloaded parts can be used to improve the search engine.


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