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Construction Calculator – Materials Evaluation v1.9.99.91 (Ad-Free) APK

The construction calculator will help you calculate the amount of materials needed for construction and repair, allow you to check with the contractor the cost overrun of your funds, and instantly calculate the information you are interested in!

At the moment, the app supports two languages: Russian and English.

You can change the language of the app in the corresponding menu in the app settings.

The app works perfectly without an internet connection and provides full information about the calculations you are interested in.

The construction calculator is your indispensable assistant in calculating construction materials and preparing a general estimate on the question that interests you.

You can also send me your wishes and suggestions on new calculations and on those already existing and the improvements proposed thereafter that you can possibly integrate into the program!

At the moment, you can use the calculators on the following topics:

1. The calculation of the base plate
2. The base of the tape. Calculation of the amount of concrete for the foundation of the strip.
3. The composition of concrete.
4. Material calculator for concrete rings.
5. Weight of reinforcement by quantity.
6. The number of fittings by weight.
7. Fittings according to GOST 5781-82.
8. The calculation of the number of bricks for the walls.
9. The calculation of the number of blocks for the walls.
10. The volume of blocks / bricks in a cube.
11. Characteristics of wall blocks.
12. Insulation, calculation of the insulation of walls and foundations.
13. Lumber, Lumber Calculator and Cost, Cubic Planks.
14. Earthworks, volume of trenches and weight of the soil
15. Calculation of tiles. The number of tiles for the area.
16. Calculation of the floor
17. Calculation of the number of surface lining
18. The volume of the cylinder (barrels)
19. Volume of a rectangular container
20. Paint calculation, paint consumption calculator for the surface
21. Consumption of primers from major brands
22. Wall plaster – Calculation of plaster consumption
23. Mastic consumption
24. Floor screed – consumption of cement screeds
25. Self-leveling floor – leveler consumption
26. Tile adhesive consumption
27. Wallpaper calculator, surface wallpaper consumption
28. Calculation of pillows from bulk materials
29. Land of different shapes
30. Triangle – Calculation of hypotenuse, diagonal, polyvalent and right angle triangle.
31. Metal rolling:
32. Converters – list of converters of different sizes.
33. Notepad – for notes.
34. Saved calculations
35. calculator
36. Ruler – a universal ruler on the screen of your smartphone or tablet.
37. Converters:
38. Calculation of the roof – a gable roof, a gable roof, the area of ​​the roof, the amount of material.
39. Plinth – calculation of plinth based on room size

* Write your comments, as well as suggestions for adding new calculations via the comments form – this is your opportunity to help develop the app for the better!

All calculations are done in the SI system.

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