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Cozy Timer Pro – Sleep timer for comfortable nights v2.9.14 (Mod) Apk

* We recommend Cozy Timer to such a person!

When you want to turn off music or streaming while you fell asleep.
When you are annoyed by sound or screen flash while you fall asleep.
And When you have difficulty using your phone because the battery is depleted overnight.

* Players like music, movies and shows can be stopped in time.

When you want to sleep while listening to music, set the expected sleep time and just press the “Start” button.
You can sleep more reliably if you add the option “Go to home screen” or “Turn off screen”.

* It is a very simple app with small file size and can minimize battery drain.

It is composed of the simple design and only the necessary functions and can be used conveniently.
You can keep the battery at the desired level to avoid battery drain while sleeping.

* Cozy Timer provides timer mode and time mode to get closer to user’s preferred usage mode.

– Timer mode: (Example) Stop after 1 hour
– Time mode: (Example) Stop at 12:00 hours
* Time mode can be repeated every day.

* Various applications are possible.

(Example 1) “Go to the home screen” in the game (+ “Turn off the screen”)
: You may be able to pause or quit the game.
(Example 2) “Turn off the screen” to manage the time of use of your child’s application
: After setting the cell phone password, try Cozy Timer.

Tonight, play the music player or stream shows and try Cozy Timer!

*Main Features

– Countdown Timer
– Stop reading
– Go to the home screen
– Turn off the screen
– Shake to extend time
– Low battery shutdown
– Bluetooth off
– WiFi off
– App shortcut
– Premium service (In-app purchase)
(1) Widget
(2) Quick settings (Android 7 or later)
(3) Automatic start
(4) Remove the ad

* Permission (Optional)

Cozy Timer may request the following permission and never collect personal information.
– android.permission.BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN (Device administrator privilege)
: This permission is granted when you enable the “Turn off screen” feature in an app, and when the feature is disabled, the permissions are also released at the same time.
– android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW (Android 6 or later)
: This authorization is for the activation of the “Go to home screen” function.


– Unable to uninstall?
: Run Cozy Timer and turn off “Turn off screen” in “Option” and uninstall it.

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