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Creative Typography Design v3.9 (Ad-Free) APK

Have you been looking for a photo writing app with professional tools in mind to help you with your typography designs?
Create stunning typography on your photos and gain full control. With CTDesign, writing on photos is easier, more creative, and gives you amazing results. This app will give you the ability to write on photos like a pro.
CTDesign is the best app for typing photos with a full set of tools and ease of use!

Main Features:

> Possibility to choose photos from gallery and easily crop, rotate or flip them.
> Possibility to create a transparent canvas with a solid / gradient color.
> Adding unlimited text with different unique styles and ways.
> Editable stickers.
> Superposition system.
> Save projects to edit designs later with Auto Save function.
> Save and share your design easily from the app.

Typing / writing styles:

1- Write in a normal text area with the possibility of:

> Align, change the weight and underline the text.
> Adding gradients to text with up to 8 colors in different directions with several ready-made gradient templates.
> Highlight the text with any color.
> Controls the opacity of the text.
> Add shadow to text and control it completely.
> Add a line and control it completely.
> Add gradient stroke to text with up to 8 colors in different directions with several ready-made gradient templates.
> Skew the text horizontally and vertically.
> Controls the height of the text line.
> Fill the text with any color.
> Choose from over 300 English / Arabic fonts or any imported font.
> Merge text with a background with several blending modes.
> Add simple 3D effect to text with angle and distance controls.

2- Write with wordart or typography or speech bubble:

> Ready-to-use typography styles with the ability to color stylize new gen2 typography styles.
> Different styles of wordart, including fire, water, blood writing …
> Two editable bubbles with the possibility to change their backgrounds, font color.

Filters and Effects:

> Possibility to choose between 19 editable professional photo effects.
> Control 6 photo filters including brightness, contrast, saturation, sepia, tint and inversion to create your own photos and designs.

Intuitive layering system:

> The ability to change the order of each layer / object you have.
> The ability to lock any layer.
> The ability to change the way you move the stickers in the pictures.

You also get more than 2000 stickers. And you can even add your own fonts and use them easily in the app.

Choose from over 50 ready-to-use templates.

If you have any complaint, problem, suggestion or problem, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following address:


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