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Cut Paste Photos v9.20.1 (Pro) APK

Change photo background with one click.

Cut or copy people, animals, cars and backgrounds in other photos and create new photo collages.

Do you want to swap faces? Cut one face and glue it on another. Do you want to remove the background from the photo? Cut out people and put them on another background. Do you want to remove people from photos? Then this is the app for you.

Missed someone in a family photo? Add them to your photos without the need for professional photo editing tools. It is the best copy paste tool for photos.

Cut Paste Photos comes with hundreds of photo editing features. Main photo tools:
1. Cut photos with AI background eraser: cut photos or extract people or pets from photo background. Automatic background removal instantly removes the background and gives you photos that you can paste over any background.

2. Copy Photos with Manual Copy: Copy photos using our Photo Cut manual to cut out exactly what you want. Ideal for Face Swap and Face Changer. Swap faces by cropping the photo and placing the cropped face on another face.

3. Advanced Photo Editor: Edit cropped photos to get sharper and more precise outlines. Ideal for removing people or objects from photos.

4. Paste on Photos: Paste the cut photos on any background in your gallery. Add yourself in famous places or photos with famous people.

5. Photo Collages: Create your own collages by pasting cut photos onto our custom backgrounds, or create without grids to create free-form collages.

6. Color Burst: Our color splash tool allows you to keep rich color saturation while changing the rest to black and white to highlight the most important part of the photo.

7. Photo Clone: ​​Paste multiple copies of people on photos to create a fun clone effect. Make sure to try Motion Effect with Clone to try out different styles of cloned photo. Photo Mirror effects show mirrored people repeating themselves in photos.

8. Text to Photo: Use our advanced text editor to add text on photos or convert cut photos to text. Text On Photos and Collages includes various fonts, textures, and advanced text styles.

9. Double exposure: Easily create double exposure effects with our tool. Create double exposure with picturesque nature photos.

10. Photo Filters: Create awesome Cut & Paste photos effects with photo filters including 100 photo filters. The Cut and Paste Photo editing tools include transform functions such as Flip Photo Vertically and Flip Photo Horizontally.

11. Photo Collage Editor: Cut out photos with collage now includes photo collage editor where you can include cut and paste photos from various sources and enhance them with text on pictures and drawings on pictures. photo collages.

Photo Source: Cut Paste Photo Effect now lets you use photos from our extensive image search and your own device gallery. Image Finder lets you search the web for photos to cut and paste into your photo collage editor. Photo backgrounds now includes the web image search, our premium photo backgrounds that we have licensed especially for you, and your own gallery photos.

Photo Stickers: Thousands of photo stickers included in the app.

Cut Paste photos with advanced tools like Advanced Photo Editor, Magnifier, Collage Maker, Auto Background Eraser, etc. allows you to create high quality photos and photo collages. Changing photo background is now one click away.


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