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DetectIT PRO Device and Camera Detector v1.6 Mod APK

DetectIT Pro Hidden Device and Camera Detector PRO allow you to find hidden devices and cameras in your surroundings either by using the Camera Detector feature in this app or by sensing the magnetic field of the electronic device. DetectIT Hidden Camera and Device Detector can also be used as a hidden camera detector.


– Infrared device detection with a detector camera and location.
– If you see a white light that you cannot see with the naked eye, it might be an infrared camera.
– Detect electronic devices hidden by their magnetic field.
– Move your phone around your surroundings; An alarm will sound if there is a device.
– This app can also be used as a metal detector.
– Your phone will beep if it encounters a metallic object.

Hidden Camera Detector and Device Detector PRO allow you to change the sensitivity of the readings. If you are getting a high reading even when you are not near any device, you can just reduce the sensitivity. Or if you are getting a very low reading, you can increase the sensitivity according to your needs.

what’s new

– Contains an additional feature to manually detect the camera
– Changes in planning
– Notes option
– Updated algorithm
– Now you can set the device detector sensitivity
– The zoom feature has been added in the infrared camera detector
– Help added in Device Detector
– Improved layout

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