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Document Manager Pro v1.2.1 (Paid) Apk


Document Manager was created with the best user experience in mind. You can access all your documents on one screen immediately after opening the app. The main screen allows you to apply a multitude of filters with just a few clicks. Document Manager is also optimized to run and launch as quickly as possible and without stuttering.


Document Manager allows you to add custom file extension filters, which allow you to infinitely extend the functionality of the application. Just add the extension in the settings menu and from now on Document Manager will show you all your files of that extension. They don’t even have to be documents! Are you working with unusual file types? You no longer need to browse your device’s folders to find them! WARNING: You might need other specialized apps if you plan to open / modify them.


Document Manager is versatile and customizable. In addition to custom extensions, the settings menu allows you to adjust the way Document Manager searches for and presents files, as well as enabling a feature we call “untyped sharing”. Untyped sharing allows you to send your files to all applications that receive any type of files. Keep in mind that while it sometimes provides useful functionality, it also doesn’t stop you from doing things that don’t make sense or just don’t work (like sending your Excel spreadsheet to Youtube)


Once you buy the app, you get all the features forever as well as all the features that haven’t been released yet. No advertising, no mess!


Remember, you can refund any app purchased from Google Play within two hours of purchase, so if you’re not sure, buy it and give it a try! You can decide to keep or return the app after trying it.

The app is currently under development. If you have any issues or bugs please send a message to defconapplications@gmail.com – it will help you tremendously!

Terms and conditions:


Non-branded graphic resources by Dimitri Miroliubov of flaticon.com

What’s New?

1.2.0 – improved extension adding UI
1.2.1 – fixed new UI’s night mode coloring bug

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