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EAGLE Security UNLIMITED v3.0.29 (Paid) APK

EAGLE Security UNLIMITED It’s no secret that any cell phone can be connected, as well as the phone number can be replaced. IMSI collectors are very cheap and popular devices now that can do both. But there are also other ways to violate your privacy through the cellular network.

Here are three main wiring methods described below.

1. Spyware (or Scumware)

The software you install on your cell phone can record your phone calls, capture photos and videos not only when you talk or use the camera app, but also in standby mode.

Protection: You need to be careful when installing new software and check whether it has access to your camera and microphone or not, and also Internet phone calls, SMS, etc. Always also check the producing company whether it is reliable or not.

Spyware can also be installed on your device without your disclosure. These apps are prohibited on Google Play. Therefore, they are usually applications that can only be installed from an APK file, they transmit your location calls or messages to a person who wants to connect you. In the app list, they usually look like fishing website addresses, like ‘Google Services’, ‘Google Drlve’, with the same app icon as the similar real apps. Package names are also usually very similar to any popular application, so finding them can be difficult. It could be a colleague, a relative or a telephone answering technician who can install this application on a user’s cell phone.

EAGLE Security UNLIMITED lets you get the complete list of apps on your device. You can check the requested permissions and find out which apps require various permissions that allow you to spy on you.

EAGLE Security UNLIMITED also provides functionality to disable the camera and/or microphone on your phone to make it impossible for any spyware to use them when you want to be sure your phone isn’t listening or watching you.

This app uses Device Administrator permission.

2. Base Station Replacement

Lately, this method has become very popular because IMSI collectors have become very cheap and easy to buy. The wiring kit can be placed close to you within 500 meters and all mobile phones within range connect to the fake station due to its powerful signal. IMSI collectors are often used with a jamming station to suppress all cell towers and make all nearby phones register to the network through the IMSI collector.

These kits cannot be larger than a briefcase and can easily be used without your notice.

You cannot know that the base station has been replaced because the new station transmits all data to the real one and the calls work normally. Everyone can buy such a compex at an affordable price.

Protection: tracking all stations your cell phone connects to. Eagle Security checks a station’s signature, most listening complexes have substandard signatures. It also tracks station positions. If a station appears in different locations or appears in a new location next to a station placed in the same previous location, it will be marked as suspicious and all other users will be informed if they connect to this station.

Connecting to a suspicious base station does not mean someone is bugging you for sure. But it is highly recommended not to use your phone when it is connected to an unreliable base station.

3. The third method

Having contacts in security agencies, you can get official permission to connect a mobile phone. In many countries, it is sufficient to give a person witness status in any legal proceedings. The person will never know about it because such eavesdropping is formally legal.

Protection: voice and message encryption. You can use secure calling and messaging software from independent developers like Telegram.

Eagle Security helps our users to protect themselves from the first and second methods described above in a highly efficient way.

With Eagle security, you can monitor and explore the cellular network around you and control your device’s apps access to your hardware.

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