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Ebook Converter (no ads) v1.10 (Paid) Apk

Convert your documents into the (FB2, AZW3, LRF, TCR, BNS, RB, PML, PDB, CÉO, MOBI, ON, EPUB) eBook format.

Just select the files you want to convert and click “Convert”.

While converting, you can use them on the device or transmit in any way available with your device.

We are constantly developing our app and pay attention to your wishes. Therefore, if you have any comments or suggestions – write to us, we will try to implement them (if possible).

For example, we put functions such as:

1. Adding the book’s author and title.
2. Adding your coverage.
3. Sending all results at once.
4. Support SD card.

For better development and maintenance of applications, we have placed restrictions on the number of folders at a time and file size in the free version. We hope you enjoy our work and will be able to help us if you need our app.
You can use the converter, for example, like:

– Doc converter FB2
– Epub mobi converter
– Epub pdf converter
– Mobi converter epub

Or convert formats such as:

* Convert pdf to epub
– Pdf convert to mobi
* Convert epub to mobi
– Convert txt to epub
* Convert cbr to pdf, CBZ to pdf

Briefly about the conversion:

– . The conversion occurs on the server. Therefore, your files will be uploaded to the server via the Internet. As a result, the app will not work if there is no internet.
– . The server performs the conversion using Caliber.
– . The result will be automatically downloaded to your device in the specified folder.
– . The original file will be deleted at the end of the conversion, the result will be deleted after 1 hour.

We do not use your files in any way.

The eBook Converter will help you convert your (DOC, DOCX, PDF) documents or (FB2, EPUB, LIT. and etc) e-books to formats supported by (TXT, PDF, AZW, MOBI) e-books Kindle: epub to mobi, epub to pdf, pdf to Mobi, doc to Mobi, epub to AZW.

You can convert almost any book format to any of the most common EPUB (electronic publishing) formats, we support conversions such as: pdf to epub, mobi to epub, FB2 to epub, azw3 to epub, doc to epub , lit at epub, txt at epub.

You can also convert your documents to FB2 format, for example: pdf to FB2, docx to FB2, doc to FB2

The resulting eBook may be larger than the original size, as well as not meet your expectations.

Therefore, if you are not happy with the result of the conversion, but it passed – please contact us, we try to convey your best wishes to the caliber developers.
If you have a PDF file consisting of images – then we and the caliber developers do not recommend converting it to the e-book format.

A short list of FAQs:

I cannot convert the document because there is a constant error, what should I do?
Write to us, we will try to sort it out.

How many files can I convert at a time?
In this version, you can convert an unlimited number of files at a time.

What is the maximum size of the converted file?
In this version, the maximum file size is 1000MB.

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