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Edge Gestures v1.12.01 (Paid)

Edge Gestures is a great application that helps you work faster using simple gestures.
Swipe, tap and hold, drag, slide.

Edge Gestures

If you need to work on your computer quickly and conveniently, don’t miss this application. This application supports you with various functions. B. Just press and hold to complete all the tasks you want. Also, knowing this application will help you a lot in your work and in your life, making everything more accessible. What are you waiting for without downloading to experience the unique benefits Edge Gestures brings?

The interface is very simple and clearly shows each specific content

Visit Edge Gestures to admire and embrace its light and simple interface. Anyone can use it easily with simple operation. A clean and simple design helps users get all the information faster and more accurately. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to understand and do it right.

Provide many gestures for user to operate easily

Users are supported with a variety of gestures, but each gesture is simple and easy to remember. It makes it easier for you. Gestures brought to you by Edge Gestures can be activated on both the left and right sides. The app offers a variety of gestures: single tap, double tap, long press, swipe in, swipe down, swipe up, or both swipe and slide.

Edge Gestures apk

When using this application, your actions are also linked to gestures within this application, including those of third parties. In addition, it offers many other useful features. Users can lower her dropdown menus, change brightness and volume, and simulate force pressing power, home, back, and other related buttons. In this application, gestures are determined by human actions.

Customize gestures to your liking

Users have the right to change the gestures of these edge gestures based on their own preferences and desires. You can also increase or change the length and thickness in particularly sensitive areas to adapt to all your needs.Optionally move the offset up or down or make some elements more sensitive can do. Users can also disable active applications on their device in the most convenient and fastest way.

Edge Gestures pro

Access more useful shortcuts

This application provides an easier and more accessible way to access your shortcuts. If the half-circle menu is enabled, you can already access the shortcuts. It also has convenient function buttons for returning to the home page and recently visited pages and applications. The application also provides additional features to extend the status bar, notifications or quick settings to meet user needs. Not only that, Edge Gestures also provides users with fast scrolling capabilities. This helps a lot in getting new and better experiences.

Edge Gestures mod

Can open a dialog box with various options

Thanks to the convenience of shortcuts, this application also allows you to quickly access and open applications quickly. Opens the power dialog with many source options where you can adjust the brightness and increase or decrease media volume accordingly. In addition, you can switch to new applications, previously used pages, and switch between split screens. And you can get there even quicker by scrolling up to get started.

Key features :

  • A simple interface and clear layout with specific content that is easy for users to see, understand and use.
  • It offers many different gestures but is very easy to use and meets user needs and requirements.
  • Flexible user activities are also closely related to gestures in this application.
  • You have the right to adapt the gestures to your tastes and desires in order to make them more accessible and easier to implement.
  • Grant access to shortcuts and launch applications based on the great functionality the application offers.


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