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Energy: Anti Stress Loops v4.4 (Ad-Free) Apk

If your body batteries are dead, ENERGY is the game you need to recharge them. Taken from the popular connection game Infinity Loop, this sequel takes you through a long series of infinite levels. It’s a whole new way to play the game of Loop!

This is a connecting puzzle game that will challenge your neurons and encourage your creativity as you complete electrical circuits to connect bulbs to power sources and light them up. This game is actually a mix of our three previous hits: Infinity Loop, Infinity Loop HEX, and Current Stream.

The vibe of ENERGY is relaxing and interstellar, mixing ethereal music with beautiful mind-boggling puzzles. This puzzle game emphasizes imagination, design, artistry, vision and metaphysics.

By connecting all the wires to the power sources, you will create small works of art that you can photograph and keep in your smartphone. In ENERGY you will have the role of a decryptor: it is once you have completed the circuit that you will discover the hidden figure.

The fusion of dazzling visuals and soothing music creates the perfect atmosphere for getting away from stressful situations like traffic jams, rush hours on the subway or a tiring day at work. Described as extremely addicting and challenging by gamers, ENERGY will take you on an endless journey to a relaxed state of mind.

If you are looking for an elegant and relaxing game, ENERGY is THE answer to your expectations.

How to play ENERGY?

You will easily understand from the first levels how ENERGY is played, as well as the objectives to be fulfilled. The apparent complexity will quickly give way to intuitive understanding and this is where the fun begins! In order to complete the levels, you must rotate the various elements so that energy can flow through. When all the bulbs are on it means that you have successfully connected everything and the level is finished.

How many levels are there?

ENERGY is based on a system of infinite levels and increasing difficulty. You will never be bored solving the same puzzles; There are endless numbers to solve and everyone can play the same levels: if you are at level 1000 and someone else is there, you will be playing at the exact same level.

Do I have to pay anything to play?

ENERGY is completely free and you won’t need to pay anything to play it. However, you can get rid of the ads for the price of coffee, ice cream, muffin, pizza or sushi and enjoy a smoother version of the game while supporting the developers. .

If you have a comment or a question, please do not hesitate to contact us by email.

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Concept, development, design and copyrights: Badly Interrogated & Infinity Games.


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