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Era White Flat v3.7 (Patched) APK

• Era White Flat is an awesome theme that I created years ago that comes today on Android. This is a third look at the Era theme and it is suitable for those who like these type of icons.
• Now what you get when you buy Era White Flat:

– Over 1880+ Beautiful icons and more will be added in future updates
– 1 Kustom Live wallpaper (you need the pro version of klwp)
– 2 docks
– 10 wallpapers
– Cloud-Base wallpaper selector
– 22 files
– Dynamic calendar support, even for Google Calendar and Business Cal
– more to add on future updates


– To keep it as clear as possible, for anyone who will request icons, you will need to send me proof of purchase showing the receipt with the order number you received in your email from Google for Era White Flat .
– When you send me requests, please exclude widgets and icon icons, as I do not add such icons in my themes.

– Now you show me the proof of your purchase. You get 20 free icons once. Those who want more icons than I offer you will be able to request them by donating to me from the Era White Flat app, after you donate to me send me your icons and the receipt also for your donation and you will get your icons in the next update.

– When this theme goes on sale, anyone who buys it at half price will not have the privilege of asking for free icons.
– if you want icons, hit the donate button, choose the right option and send me the correct number of icons you donated for, no more, no less.


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