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Ethereal for Substratum v35.13.2.1 (Patched) APK

🎨 This is a Substratum theme. This means that the Substratum app is required to use this theme. Ethereal will only appear in the Substratum app. You won’t be able to launch it from the PlayStore or your app drawer.

🛠️ Warning: This theme is no longer actively maintained and will no longer receive updates. Most overlays still work and look great! Take a look at https://github.com/Sh4dowSoul/Outline if you want to contribute.

✔️ Compatible with

Android 10

• Google, AOSP, GSI, Custom ROM – Rooted

Android 9

• Stock Android and Android One (rooted)
• Stockish (rooted)
• OxygenOS (rooted)

Android 8 (8.0 and 8.1)

• Store Android and Android One
• Stockish
• OxygenOS

Android 7 (7.1)

• AOSP ROM (OMS support)

❌ NOT compatible with

• Android 11
• Devices with official ROMs (Samsung, Huawei, LG, …)

📱 Thematic applications (bit.ly/EtherealApps)

• 29 third-party applications
• 27 Google Apps
• 10 system applications

🎨 Colors and modifications

• Application colors – 5 beautiful pastel colors
• Backgrounds – 5 dark background colors
• Additional Colors – Outline Extensions Theme

🔗 Links

Community and support (Telegram, t.me/OutlineSupport)
Substratum (bit.ly/getSubstratum)
Additional colors and changes (bit.ly/OutlineExtensions)

⚠️ Attention

• Substratum theme engine required (may require Root)
• Beta versions are not supported
• Reinstall the overlay after updating the app
• Disable overlays before updating the system
• Overlays can cause start loops and force shutdowns of the application.

The screenshots show the theme running on Android 9. It may look slightly different on 7.1, 8, and 10.


New arrivals

Thank you for using and supporting Outline & Ethereal. Unfortunately they aren’t actively maintained anymore and won’t receive regular updates.

They will stay available for free going forward because they still work and look great. You can find more information here: bit.ly/outlineDiscontinuation


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