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Exercise Timer v7.063 (Premium)

◉ Premium Features Unlocked

Exercise Timer Mod APK

Exercise Timer MOD APK is a highly customizable interval timer that is used all over the world for interval training, HIIT training, tabata and even yoga. This training timer makes it easier than ever to create your personalized training programs. Use it as an amrap stopwatch or as a floor timer. Exercise timer is the best online interval timer!

Complex training routines
Personalize your workout by including:

+- Warming up
+- Training
+- Group exercises
+- Interval period

You can add as many exercises and intervals to it as you want, unlike most interval training timers. For example, to your workout you can add a 10 second rest period, or even 10 seconds rest + 5 second intervals to give yourself enough time to prepare for your next exercise. Designed primarily as a tabata stopwatch / HIIT stopwatch, Exercise Timer gives you the flexibility to create the most complex hiit tabata workouts.

Reps. Exercises – Press the next key

During interval training you can perform 30 push-ups or 50 jumping jacks with a 10 second break. With the reps feature you can take the time to perform your workout and when you are done, tap Next. Your workout may consist of a set of timed reps and exercises.

Online Workout Creator

If you prefer to create your workout routines on your desktop, you can do so from our online Interval Time Creator: https://exercisetimer.net/createworkout

On your Smartwatch

Take HIIT workouts to the next level with Exercise Timer on your Android Wear smartwatch. Exercise Timer syncs effortlessly with your smartwatch and lets you track your workout routines right from your wrist.

The App has recently partnered with CASIO and is optimized for the PRO TREK Smart watch developed by CASIO. It is now conveniently located among the featured Smart Watch apps.

Exercise timer utilities

– HIIT interval training
– Stopwatch for emom (minute after minute) workouts.
– Amrap stopwatch to perform a set of exercises as many times as possible within a set time.
– Crossfit clock for tracking your crossfit exercises
– As Plank Timer
– Workout Tracker – The app keeps a history of your workouts.
– As a stopwatch

Recent studies have shown that interval training is the most effective way to exercise. In today’s fast-paced times, tabata and hiit training are the best way to train. Download this tabata stopwatch now to start interval training with smart workout routines. The exercise timer acts as an Amrap stopwatch, cross fit clock, hiit interval workout timer, and emom timer. You won’t find a better interval timer.

Download Exercise Timer Now and get started!

Website: https://exercisetimer.net

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