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Fenophoto – Automatic photo enhancer v4.95 (Unlocked) Apk

Fenophoto, developed by Alessandro Lazzara & Beniamino Ferrari, automatically and with just one click, allows you to improve and eliminate the most common defects of a digital photo.

Fenophoto works with powerful algorithms used in video restoration, many of which use sophisticated image reconstruction techniques. It provides a set of pre-configured filters, so anyone can easily enhance photos with little to no photography knowledge.

You can choose between 11 profiles:

🎲 Default:

suggested profile that applies the most common correction filters, balanced for the most common condition

🎲 Nature:

because sometimes the “default” profile “fails”, especially on photos with a natural subject (the result may be blurry), in this case, you can use this profile.

🎲 Denoise:

is suggested if you just want to remove digital noise (no other filter is applied)

🎲 Highlight:

is suggested in case of Highlight, fire, sun

🎲 Person:

is suggested in case of photos with people, especially with selfies

🎲 Red eyes:

is suggested for selfies that have red eye flaws

🎲 Color:

similar to the default, but suggested if you want a result with more vivid colors

🎲 Color change:

The profile mainly applies the gamma correction algorithm for different color management. Ideal for example for photos tending to red which must be cooled

🎲 Deblur:

it uses powerful but slow techniques to recover lost details

🎲 High Deblur:

it is used for very blurry photos

🎲 Custom:

allows you to activate and configure your favorite filters. By default, this profile produces more brightness and sharpness. It is therefore also recommended for those who wish to obtain a more powerful result than the “Default” profile.


Each profile is made up of a set of preconfigured filters. It is suggested not to modify them, but use the “Custom” profile to configure your favorite filters:
⚔ Automatic levels: it applies automatic levels; you can increase the strength of the filter using values ​​from 0.5 to 3.0. You can choose between 4 different algorithms

⚔ Adjust colors (gamma): it applies a filter that modifies the management of colors; in most cases this filter generates correct color perception, in others it fails (that’s why it is disabled by default)

Denoise: In the case of grainy photos, this filter automatically applies complex and slow image noise reduction
Remove red eyes: automatically detects red eyes and corrects them; you can set a range of values ​​from 1.5 to 3.0: with a lower value, a higher filter action will be applied, but it may generate artifacts; So increase the value by 0.1 steps if red eyes are removed but artifacts are generated; instead, reduce the value by 0.1 steps if the filter does not correct red-eye

Reduce strong light: it is possible to reduce brightly lit areas, such as flash; you can choose between low / medium / high profiles to apply your preferred force; use this filter only when needed; might cause artifacts (that’s why it’s disabled by default)
HDR: applies a special filter to equalize the shadows compared to the rest of the photo. you can increase the light shadows by choosing low / medium / high profile

Sharp: the filter applies an increase in the sharpness of the photo; you can choose your preferred level of sharpness by choosing between Low / Medium / High profiles. If this option is enabled, it is suggested to use it together to remove the noise filter
Deblur: you can reduce and remove deblur using an action filter between 0 and 100
Adjustments: It is also possible to manually adjust the hue, saturation, brightness and contrast

Fenophoto lets you save and share your enhanced shots with social media!
Hashtag #fenophotoapp #fenophotofilter

Fenophoto requires a fast internet connection.
As stated before, since Fenophoto uses complex algorithms to automatically enhance your images, it has to upload photos to our servers and the processed photos will then be sent back to your phone.
But no one can see your images, they will be automatically deleted in 1 hour!
However, we are not responsible for the content you download.

You will now be able to adjust the photographs manually after automatic processing

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

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