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FIMO – Analog Camera v3.7.0 (Pro) APK

FIMO – Analog Camera Pro MOD APK captures the beauty and magic of vintage retro images directly through your viewfinder. Dust and scratches, retro color flashes, light leaks, and even frame shake can be added instantly with the flick of a finger.
With FIMO MOD APK, you’ll create photos that look and sound like real film taken from storage 30 years ago.

Optional 35mm Film Kit
Includes over 7 signature presets that replicate the look of vintage camera film.

– Aesthetic 400
-Pan 100
-LM color 100
-Business 400
-HKD 200
– Yummy 100
-X-Red 50
-EPR 64
-Joey 100T
-Tokyo 500
-Morandi 200
-KDchrome 64
-Natura 1600
-Portra 160NC
-DE 200
-X-Mas 25T
– New Year 2020
-Super HR 100
-Tri-X 400
-TS-E 50

You are more than welcome to share your story with us. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.
Instagram: fimo_studio
Email: hellofimo@sina.com


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