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Firewall Security AI – No Root v2.3.10 build 2320 (Premium)

✪ Pro Features Unlocked

No Root Firewall app 

+++++ Free protection against hacker attacks and spy apps
+++++ AI-based engine with heuristic detection
+++++ Personal firewall: control incoming and outgoing traffic
+++++ Block apps: block unauthorized sending of personal data
+++++ Intelligence services: block unwanted access by intelligence services
+++++ Secure filters: against known spy servers

Protectstar ™ Android Firewall provides comprehensive protection against hackers. Block Internet attacks and unwanted access. Determine which apps can and cannot access the Internet.

With powerful firewall technologies, secure filters and AI, you completely protect your privacy.

Protection and control

Powerful firewall app for Android with intuitive user interface. The firewall can be used in seconds. It protects you from hacker attacks and alerts you when an app tries to send data over the Internet.
See in real time which apps are accessing which servers or wasting mobile data. With simple filtering rules, allow or deny individual connections to an app.

Repel cyberattacks with AI

Protectstar ™ Firewall Android is based on the Linux iptables firewall. We have combined the firewall with artificial intelligence.

Based on AI technologies such as Deep Detective ™ and Protectstar ™ AI Cloud, Android Firewall fights hacker attacks, malware and security breaches.

Block apps

Why do many apps that don’t require Internet access need Internet permissions?

Usually, ads are placed or your sensitive data is sent to servers around the world without authorization.

With the Protectstar ™ firewall, you monitor and block this data traffic. In two clicks, you select the apps that should be blocked. Prevent online access to an app. It also improves the performance of your device and reduces battery usage.

Highly Secure Android Firewall: Also Protects Against FBI, CIA, NSA & Co. In addition, you are protected against known spy servers in countries such as China, Iran and Russia, as well as spyware and mobile trackers. Ransomware protection complements security against modern ransomware.


Protectstar ™ Firewall does not collect any personal user data and is ad-free.

Features FREE Edition

– All traffic is controlled by the firewall
– Iptables Linux based firewall protection
– Improved firewall protection against outgoing connections
– Creation of custom firewall rules
– Network connections routed through the VPN access point of the firewall
– Control of installed apps
– Automatic AI engine updates
– Firewall logging
– Intrusion prevention
– Firewall filter lists
– Block background and system apps
– Network traffic info
– Live view of current data connections
– No root required
– Reduced battery consumption
– Reduced mobile data consumption


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