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First Aid and Emergency Techniques v1.0.8 (Ad-Free) APK

First aid is the first and immediate assistance given to anyone suffering from a minor or serious illness or injury, with care given to preserve life, prevent the disease from worsening or promote recovery.

First aid refers to the emergency or immediate care that you must provide when a person is injured or ill until full medical treatment is available. For minor conditions, first aid may be sufficient. For serious problems, first aid should be continued until more advanced care is available.

First aid is vital in saving lives. A person can perform first aid after a life-threatening incident or injury before emergency services arrive.

The goals of first aid are to save life, prevent damage and promote recovery.
In first aid, ABC stands for respiratory tract, respiration and circulation.

The recovery position helps minimize further injury.

CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It helps to maintain the flow of oxygenated blood.
While doing chest compressions, you may hear cracks. It’s normal.
First aid is an emergency measure, usually consisting of simple, often life-saving techniques that most people can learn to perform with minimal equipment and no prior medical experience.

First aid is not considered medical treatment and does not replace the intervention of a qualified health professional.
At any time, you or someone you know could suffer an injury or illness. By using basic first aid, you may be able to prevent a minor accident from getting worse. In a serious medical emergency, you can even save a life.

First aid covers measures taken to help an injured or sick person in the first few minutes after the event.

Often times, this first aid can help someone feel better, recover faster, and even save lives.

First aid can be helpful in many different situations, from sprains and electric shocks to heart attacks.
First aid can involve a simple action, such as placing a person in the correct position to breathe freely. This may involve more skillful activity, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) if they have stopped breathing.

Providing timely and appropriate first aid can reduce the severity of an injury or illness and, in extreme cases, can mean the difference between life and death.
First aid refers to medical care that is usually given immediately after the injury and at the location where it occurred. It is often a one-time, short-term treatment and requires little technology or training to administer. First aid may include cleaning up minor cuts, scrapes, or scratches; treat a minor burn; apply bandages and dressings; the use of non-prescription drugs; empty the blisters; remove debris from the eyes; massage; and drink fluids to relieve heat stress.

First aid can treat all kinds of small bumps and scrapes, but you should see a doctor for more serious accidents. You may want to think about getting a first aid kit for your home or training in first aid so that you are prepared for minor accidents.

Basic first aid refers to the initial process of assessing and responding to the needs of a person who has been injured or is in physiological distress due to choking, heart attack, allergic reactions, medication or other medical emergencies. Basic first aid allows you to quickly determine a person’s physical condition and the right treatment. You should always seek professional medical help as soon as you can, but following the proper first aid procedures can mean the difference between life and death. Take our full tutorial or find specific tips by viewing the sections above.

First aid is the emergency treatment given to an injured or sick person or animal, often by someone without medical training. First aid refers to the immediate treatment of one or more injured or sick people. First aid is not a complete medical treatment.

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