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Fitify Workouts & Plans v1.60.1 (Pro)

◉ Pro / Paid Features Unlocked

Fitify Workouts & Plans Mod APK

Join over 10 million people who exercise with Fitify Workouts and workouts MOD APK. With us you can train at home using only your body weight (no equipment!). However, we are the only app that also provides workouts and workouts with fitness tools, such as:

• Kettlebell
• Suspension device
•Resistance band
• Medicine ball
• Swiss ball
•Massage roller
• Dumbbells
•Straight bar
• Drawbar

Fitify is your go-to workout app for weight loss, fat burning, muscle building and strength. With over 900 exercises in the workout app, your daily workout is always original, fun and effective! Work out anywhere, anytime, using any fitness tool. No equipment required, but if you have it – take advantage!

What do we do for you?

• over 900 exercises with bodyweight and fitness tools – to keep training fun, unique and effective
• Personalized Fitness Plan – personalized training plan based on your experience, goals and free time. Each workout is created based on your personal fitness level in order to achieve the best results.
•20+ preset workouts – choose body part, workout type and duration
• More than 15 predefined recovery sessions – stretching, yoga and Foam Roller classes
• possibility to develop your own “personalized session” from our huge exercise database
•works offline
• vocal coach
• clear HD demonstration videos

Fitness plans

• Weekly training plans with training and recovery sessions
•Sessions last approximately 15 to 25 minutes.
• HIIT, tabata, strength training, cardio and recovery workouts with easy-to-follow video exercises.
• View history and follow your awesome progress!

Independent training

Whether you are training with your bodyweight or with tools such as a kettlebell, you can choose to follow a plan or perform any of our preset workouts. Choose the part of the body, the type of training and the duration. That’s all.


• Whole body
• Abs chocolate bar
•Core exercises
• Muscular back
• Lower body exercises
•Explosive power
• Plump glutes
• Upper body exercises
•Biceps and Triceps
• Large pecs
• Shoulders and upper back

HIIT and Cardio

• High intensity
•Light cardio
• Tabata
• Exercise intervals in cardio
•Explosive jumps
• Soft gym

Yoga and stretching

• For runners
• Healthy back
•Morning yoga
• Yoga for sleep
• Whole body
•Upper body
• Lower body
• Back


• Warm up
• Cool down
•Relaxation of the whole body
• Leg relaxation
• Back relaxation
•Neck relaxation
• Balance and coordination
• Scientific 7 minutes


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